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The Kings of Summer


  • Score: 60

    from 1 reviewers

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  • The Kings of Summer is a heartfelt, fun film with strong visuals/audio, highly recommended.

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  • Video: 65

  • The Kings of Summer boasts a visually striking HD presentation that combines gritty, throwback vibes with vivid colors and crisp details in both natural and suburban settings, though it can appear slightly washed out.

  • Audio: 65

  • The Kings of Summer's DTS-HD MA 5.1 soundtrack shines with clarity, balance, and impressive natural effects, from dynamic music to realistic ambient sounds, providing an excellent audio experience.

  • Extra: 45

  • The Kings of Summer's bonus features offer a blend of insights and laughter with audio commentary, deleted scenes, and cast insights, maintaining a balance of fun and informative content.

  • Movie: 60

  • The Kings of Summer" captures the quirks and complexities of adolescence, exploring family bonds and the bittersweet journey of seeking freedom.