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The Kings of Summer

Blu Ray

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  • The Kings of Summer is a heartfelt, fun film with strong visuals/audio, highly recommended.

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  • Video
  • The Kings of Summer boasts a visually striking HD presentation that combines gritty, throwback vibes with vivid colors and crisp details in both natural and suburban settings, though it can appear slightly washed out.

  • Audio
  • The Kings of Summer's DTS-HD MA 5.1 soundtrack shines with clarity, balance, and impressive natural effects, from dynamic music to realistic ambient sounds, providing an excellent audio experience.

  • Extra
  • The Kings of Summer's bonus features offer a blend of insights and laughter with audio commentary, deleted scenes, and cast insights, maintaining a balance of fun and informative content.

  • Movie
  • The Kings of Summer" captures the quirks and complexities of adolescence, exploring family bonds and the bittersweet journey of seeking freedom.

    Video: 65

    The Kings of Summer" boasts an engaging high definition visual presentation that vividly captures the essence of youthful freedom and the beauty of nature, with a hint of retro vibe that complements its modern storyline. The video quality is adorned with a gritty texture, giving it a nostalgic feel without compromising the clarity and sharpness that HD provides. Bright scenes occasionally verge on being washed out, yet this does not detract from the overall vibrant and bold color palette that defines the movie. The lush greens of the forest, where much of the action unfolds, are particularly striking, offering a vivid backdrop that contrasts beautifully with more urban settings. The attention to detail is commendable as well, with everything from the nuanced textures of skin to the intricate patterns of tree bark and construction materials being rendered with remarkable clarity and precision.

    The interior scenes of the Toy family and the exterior visuals of Patrick's home stand out for their color saturation and depth, contributing significantly to the atmospheric quality of the film. This Blu-ray release from Sony does an excellent job of balancing these elements, ensuring that each frame, whether set in the bustling suburbs or the serene woodland, is depicted with a level of detail that feels both authentic and visually pleasing. Moreover, flesh tones are consistently natural throughout, avoiding any artificiality or distortion, while black levels are solid and true to life. This results in an image quality that not only serves the narrative well but also enhances the viewer's immersion into the adventurous summer that the characters experience. Overall, Sony has delivered an impressive HD transfer that adheres to high standards of visual reproduction, making "The Kings of Summer" a feast for the eyes.

    Audio: 65

    The audio presentation of "The Kings of Summer" on its Blu-ray release carries the DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 lossless soundtrack, which can only be described as filled with excellence. From the very beginning, viewers are treated to a vibrant and lively rock tune that sets the tone for an audio experience that is as smooth as it is engaging. The soundstage shows remarkable balance, with a wide front and harmoniously integrated surround elements that pull you into the film's environment. Clarity stands out as a hallmark of this soundtrack, evident not just in the music but across all audio components, which makes for an immersive listening experience.

    The meticulous detail paid to the bass frequencies adds an enviable depth to the audio, supporting various scenes without overwhelming. This finesse is apparent from natural ambient sounds that capture everything from the gentle nuances of environmental atmospherics to the more distinct sounds of thunder and rain, crafting a realistic and engaging audio backdrop. These elements are intertwined beautifully with well-timed and clearly presented dialogue, ensuring that every spoken word is as integral to the auditory experience as the atmospheric sounds.

    Sony's release of "The Kings of Summer" Blu-ray showcases an audio track that sets a high bar for home cinema, providing an excellent overall sound presentation. Whether it's the naturalness of ambient effects or the balanced support of bass in both subtle and dynamic scenes, this soundtrack excels. Dialogue delivery is smooth and precise, maintaining accuracy and clarity throughout, which underscores the quality and effort put into this audio mix. This DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 soundtrack not only complements the visual aspect of the film but elevates the overall viewing experience, making it truly remarkable.

    Extra: 45

    The Blu-ray extra features for "The Kings of Summer" provide a comprehensive look into the film's production and offer fans delightful behind-the-scenes content. The audio commentary with director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, writer Chris Galletta, and actors Nick Robinson, Gabriel Basso, and Moises Arias is a standout, mixing insightful film-making details with light-hearted banter, reflecting the film's own blend of humor and depth. This, combined with a selection of high-definition deleted and extended scenes, adds layers to the viewing experience. Additional vignettes like "The Long Shot" and humorous character-focused pieces such as "Frankly Speaking with Frank Toy" and "Alison and Eugene," alongside previews of other Sony titles, round out a solid package that enhances understanding and appreciation of the film.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Audio Commentary: A fun and insightful commentary track featuring key members of the cast and crew.
    • Deleted and Extended Scenes: Including "Pipe Drumming Montage," "The Deli," "The Mud Pit," "Kelly Montage," and "Drumming the Pipe."
    • The Long Shot: A brief featurette where the cast and crew discuss the film's exceptional qualities.
    • Frankly Speaking with Frank Toy: A comedic montage of memorable moments from the character Frank Toy.
    • Alison and Eugene: A humorous look at young love with secondary characters Alison and Eugene.
    • Previews: A selection of additional titles from Sony.

    Movie: 60

    The Kings of Summer" presents itself as a beautifully crafted tale of adolescence, rebellious spirits, and the intrinsic value of family, set against the backdrop of a visually captivating Blu-ray presentation. The film navigates through the lives of Joe Toy and his companions as they venture into the threshold of independence by constructing their own domicile in the woods, envisaging a utopian escape from their dysfunctional family lives. This narrative cleverly balances the whimsy of teenage escapades with the somber realities of personal growth and familial bonds, encapsulated within a high-definition experience that enriches its storytelling.

    The plot unfolds with precision, setting the stage with relatable familial scenarios that drive Joe, Patrick, and the enigmatic Biaggio into the wilderness. Their quest for autonomy is depicted with both humor and depth, immersing viewers in the protagonists' journey towards self-discovery and reconciliation. The film excels in showcasing the nuanced dynamics between characters, supported by strong performances that flesh out their multifaceted personalities. The cinematography brilliantly complements these themes, capturing the essence of freedom and confinement both in the domestic sphere and the natural world.

    Technically, the Blu-ray rendition accentuates the movie's visual and thematic elements, presenting a clear, crisp image that does justice to its outdoor settings and nuanced interior scenes. The vibrant colors and meticulous attention to detail underscore the film's aesthetic appeal, making it a standout piece not only for its narrative but as a showcase of Blu-ray capabilities. "The Kings of Summer" emerges as a poignant exploration of growing pains entwined with a critique of domestic normalcy, offering both a visual feast and a deeply resonant story that navigates the complex terrains of youth and belonging.

    Total: 60

    The Kings of Summer," a cinematic exploration of adolescence, friendship, and the familial ties that bind and sometimes choke, weaves an intricate narrative that blends humor with poignancy, thereby striking a chord within the hearts of its viewers. With cinematography that captures the ethereal beauty of youthful summers and performances that bring authenticity and depth to the narrative, this film stands as a testament to the complexities of growing up. Sony's Blu-ray edition elevates the experience, boasting high-quality video and audio that immerse viewers in the lush environments and nuanced soundscapes of the story.

    From its engaging script to its expert direction, "The Kings of Summer" excels in delivering a multi-layered story that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. The film skillfully navigates the tumultuous waters of adolescence, showcasing the protagonists' journey with a keen eye for detail and a palpable sense of empathy. The Blu-ray edition further complements this with a slew of additional content that enriches the viewing experience, providing insights into the creative process behind this coming-of-age tale.

    Conclusively, Sony's Blu-ray release of "The Kings of Summer" is an exceptional product that effectively captures and enhances the essence of the film. Its combination of striking visuals, immersive audio, and a compelling assortment of extras make it a must-have for aficionados of quality cinema. This Blu-ray not only does justice to the original vision of the filmmakers but also serves as a fine specimen of how modern technology can amplify the impact of storytelling. Whether you're in it for the laughs, the drama, or simply a beautifully told story, "The Kings of Summer" on Blu-ray is highly recommended.