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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

4K Ultra HD

Blu Ray

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  • A heartfelt film celebrating Mr. Rogers' legacy with clarity and simplicity.

    A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood 4K UHD Blu-ray Front Cover

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    True 4K
  • Video
  • A cynical writer's heart is warmed by Fred Rogers' lessons in a film with subtle yet clear and vibrant visual enhancements, baffling technical choices but with cozy, bold imagery.

  • Audio
  • The audio tech impressively expands soundstage and imaging, offering fuller sounds over Blu-ray's 5.1, though its 'IMAX Enhance' for a dialogue drama in HD/SD is odd, with minimal height channel use yet capturing nuanced dynamics of Nate Heller's score.

  • Extra
  • A detailed glimpse into 'A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood' with Ultra HD and Blu-ray discs, featuring over 15 minutes of additional scenes, a blooper reel, and behind-the-scenes featurettes including Tom Hanks as Fred Rogers, the making of the film, character insights, and the craftsmanship behind the puppets and miniatures.

  • Movie
  • A skeptical journalist learns kindness and healing from Fred Rogers, forming a bond amid authentic storytelling and themes of compassion, despite the film's reliance on Rogers' magnetic presence.

    Video: 88

    The video presentation of the 4K UHD Blu-ray for "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" offers an impressive upgrade from its Blu-ray counterpart, primarily in the realms of color vibrancy, clarity, and texture. Despite the film's inherent limitations, having been shot in both high-definition (HD) and standard-definition (SD), the transition to 4K doesn't boast the eye-popping transformations seen in other titles. However, it compensates with a slightly more accurate representation of clarity and sharpness, making for a visibly enhanced viewing experience. This is especially noteworthy given that this dialogue-driven drama doesn't naturally lend itself to the spectacle often associated with 4K enhancements.

    One could argue that the decision to apply "IMAX Enhance" to the film is a puzzling one, given its modest visual origins and narrative focus. Even so, the benefits of this upgrade can't be denied. The set pieces of Fred Rogers’ television show markedly benefit from the 4K treatment, with attractively colored sets that were already designed to captivate young audiences now popping with greater vibrancy and a welcoming warmth. These improvements are a testament to the transfer’s ability to enhance what is already there rather than reinvent it, adhering faithfully to the filmmakers' original vision while offering viewers a more immersive experience.

    Additionally, the 4K UHD Blu-ray delivers a “nice, cozy image” that retains its crispness without sacrificing any of its bold, lifelike qualities. The textures and details are remarkably clearer and cleaner, endowing the film with a striking realness that underscores its poignant, heartfelt narrative. Even in scenes where visuals play a supportive role to dialogue, the added depth and detail contribute significantly to the emotional impact. Overall, while not a groundbreaking update, the 4K video presentation enriches the viewing experience with its enhanced clarity, color, and texture, making it a worthy addition for collectors and fans of Fred Rogers’ enduring legacy.

    Audio: 87

    The 4K UHD Blu-Ray audio presentation of "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" offers a significantly enriched auditory experience, particularly when compared to its Blu-ray counterpart. The inclusion of a more immersive soundstage is immediately noticeable, providing an expanded breadth that elevates the sense of presence within each scene. This upgrade is palpably felt in elements with inherent depth, such as the intense moments of piano music that gain a fuller, more voluminous representation. The transition from a 5.1 to an advanced audio setup contributes to a sensation of being enveloped by the audio environment, rendering acoustics with precision and expanding the overall aural landscape to impressive effect.

    However, it's clear that the audio design prioritizes clarity and nuance over aggressive utilization of height channels. Given the film's focus on dialogue and intimate storytelling, the subdued approach to vertical sound expansion aligns with its narrative demands. Despite this restraint, the audio mix manages to deliver a wide dynamic scale, adeptly navigating the emotional spectrum of Nate Heller's music score. This careful balance ensures that moments of quiet dialogue and explosive musicality are rendered with equal fidelity, thus preserving the film's delicate auditory narrative.

    Notably, achieving the ideal listening experience may require some adjustments to find the perfect audio balance, reflecting a mix that demands a nuanced approach to appreciate its full scope. The decision to enhance the audio for an IMAX experience, despite the film's original HD and SD resolutions, might raise eyebrows but doesn't detract from the overall quality. Above all, the 4K UHD Blu-Ray audio presentation enriches the storytelling of "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood," ensuring that its acoustic elements are as compelling and heartfelt as its visual counterparts.

    Extra: 83

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray extras for "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" offer a valuable and insightful complement to the feature film, focusing particularly on the meticulous recreation of the beloved TV show and the performances that bring it to life. Through over 15 minutes of additional scenes and a blooper reel, audiences are invited to linger in the film's warmth a bit longer, while several featurettes dive deeper into the craft and care behind the scenes. Notably, Tom Hanks’ portrayal of Fred Rogers is examined through interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, underscoring his dedication to embodying the iconic character. The making-of documents director Marielle Heller's vision and the cast's efforts, alongside contributions from original show staff, reinforcing the film’s authenticity and emotional resonance. "The Puppets & Miniatures" featurette particularly stands out by detailing the creation of the show’s memorable tiny characters, offering a unique peek into the artistry behind these elements.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Over 15 Minutes of Additional Scenes: Extended content that didn't make it into the final cut.
    • Blooper Reel: A compilation of humorous outtakes from the production.
    • Tom Hanks as Fred Rogers: A closer look at Hanks' transformative approach to playing Fred Rogers.
    • The People Who Make a Neighborhood: The Making Of: Insights from Tom Hanks, Director Marielle Heller, and crew on bringing the movie to life.
    • The Puppets & Miniatures: Exploration into how the show's iconic miniatures and puppets were recreated for the film.

    Movie: 88

    A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood," presented in 4K UHD Blu Ray, offers an immersive viewing experience that breathes life into the legacy of Fred Rogers, America's most beloved neighbor. The film delicately weaves a narrative around a jaded magazine writer, Vogel, who is tasked with profiling Rogers. Initially met with skepticism, Vogel's journey into the world of Mister Rogers and his neighborhood unfolds a story of kindness, love, forgiveness, and the healing power of human connection. The technical brilliance of the movie presentation captures the essence of Rogers both on stage and through TV monitors, simulating a dual perspective that enriches the viewer's understanding of the character.

    The storytelling technique brilliantly uses patience and kindness as tools through which Rogers helps Vogel confront and heal from childhood trauma. This therapeutic transformation is not just a testament to Rogers' character but also forms a deep and lasting bond of friendship between the two. The film's essence hinges on the authenticity of Rogers' character, offering a calming yet profound force that translates effectively through the 4K UHD Blu-ray presentation. However, it is apparent that when Mister Rogers is not in focus, the film momentarily loses its captivating glow, underscoring the significant impact of his presence.

    Despite occasionally stepping away from Mister Rogers' direct influence, the film manages to consistently deliver powerful messages about compassion, caring, and forgiveness. The technical and emotional depth of the movie shines through in 4K, making viewers ponder over the significance of Rogers' role in Vogel's life and beyond. It raises questions about the lone award nomination for supporting actor, hinting at a potential underestimation of the film's comprehensive artistry and impact.

    Total: 83

    A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" on 4K UHD Blu-Ray not only captures the essence of Fred Rogers but also renders every scene with vivid clarity, making it more than just a film; it's an immersive experience. As a dialogue-driven narrative, the audio quality is paramount, ensuring every word and nuance of Mister Rogers' soothing voice is perfectly clear. This meticulous attention to audio detail complements the visual richness, making even the subtle elements—like the delicate sound of a string quartet—a joy to the senses. The film, a gentle and calming tribute to Rogers, uses its technical prowess to enhance its storytelling, truly encapsulating the essence of its subject.

    For those who grew up watching Fred Rogers, this release is a nostalgic trip, evoking smiles with just the mere mention of his name. However, its appeal extends beyond mere nostalgia; it's a heartfelt salute to a television icon whose empathy and ability to connect transcends generations. The inclusion of behind-the-scenes features and additional content makes this edition a comprehensive package, offering insights into the careful craft behind the film and further celebrating Rogers’ legacy.

    In conclusion, "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" in 4K UHD Blu-Ray is not just for collectors or fans of Fred Rogers. It's a must-have for anyone appreciative of cinematic quality that pays homage to life's simple joys and the profound impact of kindness. The combination of a compelling story, exceptional presentation quality, and enriching bonus features make this a worthwhile addition to any collection. Whether for the nostalgia, the technical excellence, or the film’s heartwarming message, it is a fitting tribute to one of television's most beloved figures.