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Band of Outsiders


  • Score: 71

    from 2 reviewers

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  • Criterion's 'Band of Outsiders' Blu-ray is a must-own, marrying restoration with rich extras. Essential for Godard and French New Wave fans.

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  • Video: 71

  • Band of Outsiders' Blu-ray release, sourced from Gaumont's 2010 restoration, pairs technical finesse with minor flaws, offering a detailed and authentic viewing experience.

  • Audio: 71

  • The Blu-ray's French LPCM mono audio, with Criterion's optional English subtitles, offers a crisp, clear experience despite inherent source limitations and a slightly thin quality in dialogue. Michel Legrand's score shines, with well-balanced sound design and no significant issues.

  • Extra: 59

  • Criterion's collection includes interviews, a short film, thematic glossaries, and trailers, all enhanced with 1080i HD visuals and English subtitles, capturing the essence of Band of Outsiders and the New Wave movement.

  • Movie: 76

  • Criterion's 'Band of Outsiders' Blu-ray celebrates Godard's playful French New Wave gem with rich extras and a focus on the film’s blend of whimsy, love, and crime, capturing its spirit and cinematic innovation.