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Daddy's Home

4K Ultra HD

Blu Ray

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    from 3 reviewers
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  • Daddy's Home in 4K UHD wows with Dolby Vision, despite plot predictability.

    Daddy's Home 4K UHD Blu-ray Front Cover

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  • Video
  • Daddy's Home films shine in UHD with Dolby Vision enhancing color and detail, despite some minor flaws and soft scenes, showcasing impressive upgrades from Blu-ray.

  • Audio
  • Daddy's Home UHD carries over the original Blu-ray's DTS:X soundtrack, adding more dubs and subtitles. It's praised for immersive sound, detailed front stage, and strong low-end, with effective use of overhead and ambient sounds enhancing the comedy experience.

  • Extra
  • The Daddy's Home UHD release lacks new extras but includes a Blu-ray with over 45 mins of familiar content like behind-the-scenes, bloopers, and deleted scenes, but still no audio commentary.

  • Movie
  • Daddy's Home enchants in 4K with vibrant Dolby Vision, yet its charm fades over time, leaving a mix of laughter and monotony in a familiar family rivalry.

    Video: 81

    Daddy’s Home" makes its way into the 4K UHD Blu-ray scene with a presentation that highlights the format's potential, particularly showcasing the strengths of Dolby Vision HDR. Despite being sourced from a 2K digital intermediate, typical for a family comedy of this nature, the upgrade to 2160p resolution under Dolby Vision parameters breathes new life into the film’s visuals. The Dolby Vision enhancement greatly amplifies color vibrancy and contrast, offering a brighter and more compelling picture than its Blu-ray counterpart. Scenes within the Whitaker household display improved brightness levels and color saturation, making the environment appear more luminous and inviting, with natural light being significantly more pronounced. This is complemented by deeper blacks and refined shadow details, which add depth and dimension to nighttime scenes without compromising detail.

    However, the transition to 4K UHD is not without its flaws. Some scenes exhibit a softness, and instances of digital noise and aliasing suggest that the benefits of the 4K upgrade stem primarily from the HDR application rather than a substantial leap in resolution or clarity from the source material. While textural details see a modest enhancement, showcasing finer fabric textures and interior decorations with improved sharpness, specular highlights and some color elements do not consistently impress, occasionally suffering from loss of detail or fluctuating hue intensity.

    Nonetheless, the overall 4K presentation of "Daddy’s Home" is commendable for its vibrant color reproduction and enhanced clarity which elevate the viewing experience beyond its Blu-ray release. Colors leap off the screen with newfound intensity—particularly in brightly colored objects and scenes—while maintaining natural skin tones overall. Despite minor shortcomings in consistency and a handful of underwhelming scenes, the film emerges as a notable example of how Dolby Vision can significantly enhance even the most straightforward comedy movies, asserting itself as a must-have for aficionados of the format seeking to witness the tangible benefits of HDR in elevating video quality.

    Audio: 82

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray release of "Daddy’s Home" brings forward the same engaging DTS:X soundtrack previously appreciated in its standard Blu-ray counterpart, featuring an array of additional language tracks and subtitle options. The film leverages the immersive audio design to enhance the viewing experience, particularly through atmospheric effects that effectively utilize the surround channels, adding depth and a more dynamic sound field. The directional flow and fluid movement across the overhead channels are noteworthy, but the soundtrack's prowess truly shines within the front soundstage where a robust mid-range and well-prioritized vocals dominate. The low-end frequencies offer an occasional punch, particularly showcased during specific song sequences, which enriches the overall audio experience.

    Dynamics within the audio presentation are front-heavy, a characteristic common in comedies, yet the LFE channel compensates by enriching the sound, making it fuller through strategic soundtrack and score selections. The diverse audio format offerings, including multiple Dolby Digital options and DTS Headphone:X, alongside an extensive list of subtitles, cater to a broad audience. Notable uses of the height channels, such as scenes involving motorcycle accidents and zipline adventures, dispel any notions of gimmickry, providing genuinely immersive moments. The surround sound presentation further amplifies this effect, with ambient sounds like crowd noise at NBA games and airport hustle enhancing the realism.

    Dialogue reproduction stands out for its clarity and balance, ensuring that conversations remain intelligible without overpowering other audio elements. This clarity is essential for a dialogue-driven comedy like "Daddy's Home," ensuring that the humor and character interactions are always front and center. Meanwhile, the LFE channel flexes its muscles during key moments, like the entrance scene set to AC/DC's "Thunderstruck," where the bass depth impressively underscores the on-screen action. Despite its primary focus on dialogue, the audio track skillfully supports the film’s comedic elements with engaging and dynamic sound design, proving that even comedies can benefit from high-quality, nuanced audio presentations.

    Extra: 67

    The "Daddy's Home" 4K UHD Blu-ray release brings with it the same extras found in the previously available Blu-ray version, with no new additions or audio commentary to enhance the 4K experience. However, the supplementary material remains engaging, offering over 45 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage, cast interviews, bloopers, and deleted scenes that fans of the film will appreciate. Standout features include a deep dive into the making of the movie with insights from Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, a hilarious look at the Daddy Daughter Dance, and an in-depth breakdown of the outrageous NBA halftime stunt. While the lack of new content or a commentary track might disappoint some enthusiasts, the inclusion of a digital HD redemption code adds value by allowing viewers to enjoy the film on various devices. Overall, this collection of extras provides a satisfying complement to the main feature.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • The Making of Daddy's Home: Insightful cast interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.
    • Daddy-Off: Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg discuss their on-screen competition.
    • Daddy Daughter Dance: Behind-the-scenes look at the dance sequence.
    • Halftime Stunt: Breakdown of the NBA halftime stunt scene.
    • Tony Hawk: Skater Double: Tony Hawk doubles for Will Ferrell in a skateboard scene.
    • Child’s Play: A look at the talent of child actors in the film.
    • Hannibal Buress: The Perfect Houseguest: Featurette on Hannibal Buress's role.
    • Blooper - Jeet Kune Do: Bloopers featuring Ferrell and Wahlberg.
    • Deleted and Extended Scenes: A collection of five additional scenes.

    Movie: 69

    Paramount's presentation of "Daddy's Home" in the 4K UHD Blu-ray format is a commendable upgrade that brings the agreeable family comedy into the forefront of home cinema with a sharp 2160p/Dolby Vision transfer. The video quality is marked by its vibrant, refined color palette that distinctly enhances the visual appeal of the movie. Although the audio experience is carried over from the Blu-ray with its DTS:X soundtrack, it complements the visual enhancements well, ensuring a balanced and immersive viewing experience. The inclusion of all previously released extra content bundled with the Blu-ray adds value for collectors and enthusiasts seeking a comprehensive package.

    The film, helmed by Sean Anders and featuring a screenplay co-written by Anders, Brian Burns, and John Morris, stars Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg in a comedic face-off that capitalizes on their proven chemistry. "Daddy's Home" charts the rivalry between stepfather Brad Whitaker (Ferrell) and biological father Dusty Mayron (Wahlberg) as they vie for the affection of Brad's stepchildren, delivering a mix of laugh-out-loud moments and heartwarming family dynamics against the backdrop of suburban monotony. Despite mixed reviews from critics at its release, the film's financial success and warm reception from audiences highlight its charm and entertainment value, further bolstered by its impressive visual and audio presentation in this 4K UHD release.

    The charm of "Daddy's Home" lies not just in the comedic talents of Ferrell and Wahlberg but also in the film's ability to weave a narrative that is both hilariously absurd and tenderly sincere, exploring the complexities of modern family life. The movie's brief runtime ensures a concise storytelling approach that avoids overstaying its welcome, making it an accessible and enjoyable watch. As it stands three years later, despite its criticisms for not aging particularly well, "Daddy's Home" remains a commercially palatable venture that benefits significantly from the technical enhancements of its 4K UHD Blu-ray presentation, ensuring it a place in the collections of genre aficionados and fans of the lead actors.

    Total: 71

    Daddy's Home," solidifying its presence in the comedy genre, makes a remarkable entry into the 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray market. The film, while touting a heartwarming narrative aimed at a family-friendly audience, may not break new ground with its predictable storyline and sporadic humor, it nonetheless secures a commendable place thanks to its technical merits. The 2160p upscale significantly enhances textural details and sharpness, surpassing its HD counterpart. Moreover, the application of Dolby Vision HDR stands out as a crowning achievement, offering a visual experience that starkly contrasts with the Blu-ray version’s comparatively lackluster appearance. However, it is noteworthy that this upgrade might not represent a monumental leap forward for all viewers, especially considering the absence of improvements in the audio department and supplemental materials.

    Audio fidelity remains consistent with the previous DTS:X soundtrack, and the additional content does not see an expansion or revision. This consistency ensures that the transition to 4K UHD does not disrupt the auditory experience but also indicates a missed opportunity to enhance or broaden the supplementary offerings. Despite these considerations, the technical upgrade, primarily through Dolby Vision, undoubtedly elevates the viewing experience for those invested in superior visual quality, making it a particularly appealing proposition for enthusiasts with the requisite display technology.

    In conclusion, "Daddy's Home" on 4K UHD Blu-ray stands as a commendable release for fans of the film and technophiles eager to exploit the advantages of Dolby Vision in their home cinema setups. While the narrative elements and humor may yield mixed reactions, the undeniable uplift in visual fidelity represents a significant selling point. This offering solidifies itself as particularly worthy of investment for those already invested in or considering upgrading their viewing technology, especially for audiences aiming to optimize their family movie nights with unparalleled picture quality.