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  • Oblivion's UHD upgrade impresses fans with visual refinements and superior Atmos audio, grounding its sci-fi allure.

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  • Video
  • Oblivion's 4K UHD release offers enhanced colors and contrast with HDR, but faces mixed reviews on detail and texture compared to its 1080p counterpart.

  • Audio
  • Oblivion's audio, praised across various setups, boasts immersive, precise Dolby Atmos mixing, enhancing its dynamic range and enveloping the listener in action with exemplary clarity and bass.

  • Extra
  • Oblivion's UHD release includes a detailed audio commentary, extensive making-of documentary, deleted scenes, and an isolated score, offering fans technical insights and behind-the-scenes details.

  • Movie
  • Kosinski's 'Oblivion,' starring Cruise, is a visually stunning and thought-provoking sci-fi drama about memory, identity, and survival in a post-apocalyptic Earth, lauded for its audiovisuals and storytelling.

    Video: 82

    "Oblivion," originally captured digitally using Red Epic and Sony CineAlta F65 cameras at 5K and 4K resolutions but ultimately finished with a 2K Digital Intermediate, makes its way to 4K UHD Blu-ray with an upscale to 3840 x 2160p. Despite the upscale, the film presents a mixed but generally favorable impression in terms of video quality. Encoded using the HEVC (H.265) codec and benefiting from HDR enhancement, this release witnesses a transformation in color dynamics and contrast ratios, albeit with an acknowledgment that the definitive visual sharpness found in the standard Blu-ray's detailing is somewhat softened here. This is especially noted in broader landscape shots and some textures, where the increase in detail over its 1080p predecessor is marginal but visible. The disc, region-free and reviewed on high-end equipment, despite not being a leap-and-bounds improvement over its Blu-ray counterpart, manages to offer a viewing experience that is both clean and stylized, reflective of the movie's unique aesthetic choices.

    The application of Wide Color Gamut (WCG) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology brings a noticeable improvement to the film's predominantly grey and blue palette, allowing for moments where the color does pop, such as explosions, skies, and the lushness of untouched earth, to feel more vibrant and intense. Critically, the HDR does not drastically alter the film's original color scheme so much as it enhances and deepens it, offering a richer visual presentation. Contrast levels are robust, with deeper blacks and brighter highlights contributing to a more dynamic image. Despite occasional digital noise and slight banding in scenes with challenging lighting, the digital source's integrity remains commendably preserved throughout.

    Yet, not all feedback is glowingly positive; there's an undercurrent of disappointment among some observers, pointing out the conflict between enjoying enhanced color depth and missing out on ultra-crisp detailing in certain shots due to the upscaling process from 2K to 4K resolution. On close-ups, facial textures and minute details come to life more vividly than on the Blu-ray release, providing a testament to the strengths of 4K presentation. However, the smoothing effect of HDR processing on some elements seems to dial back the raw sharpness achievable in full HD. This has led to a divided opinion: whether one prefers the 'warmer' and more cinematic quality introduced by HDR or the razor-sharp clarity of the 1080p rendition. Overall, while "Oblivion" in 4K UHD may not consistently deliver the expected leap in visual fidelity for every scene, it certainly enchants with its detailed texture and compelling depth, affirming itself as a solid but not groundbreaking upgrade.

    Audio: 91

    The Dolby Atmos track of "Oblivion" on 4K UHD Blu-ray is an exemplary audio presentation, impressively demonstrating the capabilities of this sound format. Through a meticulously crafted soundscape, viewers find themselves enveloped in each scene, from the subtle nuances of nature and the environment to the dynamic thrills of flight and combat. The mix delicately balances the atmospheric and action elements, ensuring no detail is overlooked. From the immersive sounds of rain during a serene dinner scene to the heart-pounding roars of drones and the bubbleship in flight, the audio track excels in creating an engaging auditory experience. The score by M83 is majestically woven throughout, further enhancing the depth and emotional resonance of the film.

    The technical execution of the Atmos mix is nothing short of remarkable. Sound elements are placed with precision, providing a genuine sense of spatial awareness and depth. The use of height channels adds a new dimension to key scenes, such as the drones' overhead movements, offering listeners an even more immersive experience. Low Frequency Effects (LFE) are both powerful and nuanced, adding significant impact to action sequences without overwhelming the overall mix. Dialogue remains crystal clear and well prioritized across scenes, ensuring that every word is heard distinctly amidst the wide array of sonic elements.

    Critically, this Atmos presentation demonstrates an exceptional balance between the aggressive and subtle sounds that define "Oblivion's" audio landscape. The ability to reproduce both the roar of explosions and the quietest whispers with clarity speaks to a highly dynamic range and meticulous mixing. The seamless integration of environmental sounds, music, and effects across the channels creates a coherent and captivating audio experience that not only compliments but elevates the visual storytelling of "Oblivion" on 4K UHD Blu-ray.

    Extra: 78

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray release of "Oblivion" not only elevates the visual experience with its pristine 4K presentation but also enriches the viewing with a commendable collection of extras, predominantly housed on the included Full HD Blu-ray disc. The centerpiece is the engaging audio commentary by director Joseph Kosinski and star Tom Cruise, providing a deep dive into the film’s production, casting, and technical achievements in a frank and passionate manner. Additional highlights include the comprehensive making-of documentary, "Promise of a New World," divided into five distinct parts - Destiny, Voyage, Combat, Illusion, and Harmony, each focusing on different facets of the film's creation from pre-production to musical score. Four deleted scenes offer glimpses of what could have been, further complemented by the unique opportunity to experience the film accompanied solely by M83’s majestic score. This release proves to be an essential addition for fans, offering insights and enhancing appreciation for the movie's technical craft and narrative vision.

    Extras included in this disc:

    Audio Commentary: Director Joseph Kosinski and actor Tom Cruise discuss the movie's production.

    Promise of a New World: The Making of Oblivion

    • Destiny: Explores the film's development, Iceland shoots, and practical sets.
    • Voyage: Focuses on the inspiration and design of the "bubbleship."
    • Combat: A closer look at the stunt work and action sequences.
    • Illusion: Details on the special effects.
    • Harmony: Insights into the film’s score, composed by Anthony Gonzalez of M83 and Joseph Trapanese.

    Deleted Scenes: Four scenes including 'Bubbleship Flyby,' 'Stadium: Original Opening,' 'Medkit,' and 'The Archives.'

    Isolated M83 Score: The film’s score presented in high-quality Dolby TrueHD 5.1 surround sound.

    Movie: 80

    "Oblivion," directed by Joseph Kosinski, emerges as a standout piece of science fiction that redefines audio-visual storytelling in the genre. With Tom Cruise delivering a compelling performance as Jack Harper, the last man on Earth post-alien invasion, the film intricately weaves themes of memory loss, identity, and the quest for truth. Kosinski’s adept handling of the narrative transforms what could have been a straightforward sci-fi tale into a visually striking and intellectually engaging opera. The sweeping landscapes and epic vistas, accompanied by M83's majestic score, elevate the movie experience into a sensory and intellectual feast, showcasing Kosinski's remarkable flair for creating visually immersive worlds.

    The movie's 4K UHD Blu-ray presentation is significant for several reasons. It marks Universal's foray into the 4K release era, demonstrating the studio's commitment to delivering high-quality home entertainment experiences. The excellence in visual quality, paired with top-tier acting from not only Cruise but also Olga Kurylenko and Morgan Freeman, provides a robust and engulfing viewing experience. Action sequences are crafted to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, with designs that complement the world-building elements of the narrative seamlessly.

    "Oblivion" stands as a testament to the potential of science fiction cinema to offer more than just visual spectacle. It challenges audiences with its intricate plot and moral quandaries, all while providing a stunning aesthetic experience. Kosinski's film is a reminder of the genre's capacity to explore complex themes through the lens of futuristic scenarios. As such, "Oblivion" is not only a visual delight but also an emotionally and intellectually stimulating journey that underscores Tom Cruise's versatility as an actor and cements Kosinski’s status as a visionary director in modern cinema.

    Total: 82

    "Oblivion," starring Tom Cruise in a visually captivating post-apocalyptic earth, makes its way to the 4K UHD Blu-ray realm, presenting a mixed bag of enhancements over its already stellar Blu-ray counterpart. Directed by Joseph Kosinski, the film combines a thought-provoking sci-fi narrative with an audio-visual spectacle that has been slightly nuanced in this upgrade. While the video quality on the 4K UHD Blu-ray might not represent the quantum leap in clarity and depth one might expect, especially given the film’s original digital intermediate, it benefits significantly from HDR's wider color gamut and enhanced dynamic range, contributing to a more immersive filmic experience. This is aptly supported by a reference-quality Dolby Atmos soundtrack that enriches the viewing experience with its clarity, depth, and engagement, making every scene a feast for the ears.

    While some might argue that the visual improvements are marginal at best, lacking the vibrancy and textural details that make for a groundbreaking 4K UHD presentation, the auditory experience undeniably steps up, offering an absorbent and richly layered soundscape that elevates the whole viewing experience. The supplementary materials, though carried over from previous releases, remain informative and entertaining, adding value to the package for enthusiasts and newcomers alike. The 4K disc doesn't just cater to diehard fans; with its marginally improved visuals and significantly superior audio quality, it becomes a tempting proposition for those looking to experience this unique sci-fi story in the best available format.

    In conclusion, the 4K UHD Blu-ray of "Oblivion" illustrates a case where auditory enhancements triumph over visual upgrades, providing a compelling reason for both fans and newcomers to consider this version. While those expecting a significant leap in visual quality may need to temper their expectations, the improved dynamic range and color fidelity, along with a stellar Dolby Atmos track, ensure a highly engaging and thoroughly enjoyable home cinematic experience. It is especially recommended for those who prioritize sound quality or do not yet own the film, marking a worthy addition to any 4K collection.