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The Darjeeling Limited


  • Score: 66

    from 2 reviewers

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  • The Darjeeling Limited Blu-ray offers stunning visuals and sound, but some viewers may struggle to connect with its eccentric characters.

    The Darjeeling Limited Blu-ray Front Cover

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  • Video: 71

  • Supervised and approved by Wes Anderson, the 1080p Blu-ray transfer of 'The Darjeeling Limited' boasts exceptional clarity, excellent contrast, and a rich color palette, preserving vivid yellows, deep blacks, and realistic skin tones. Enhanced by meticulous digital restoration from 2K files scanned on a Spirit 4K Datacine, this presentation is visually stunning and technically flawless.

  • Audio: 69

  • The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track on 'The Darjeeling Limited' Blu-ray delivers crisp dialogue and dynamic surround sound, effectively capturing India's vibrant atmosphere without any technical glitches. However, the lack of additional language tracks, offering only English SDH subtitles, is a minor drawback.

  • Extra: 71

  • The extras on the Blu-ray of 'The Darjeeling Limited' offer a comprehensive behind-the-scenes glimpse, featuring an informative yet dry commentary, a making-of documentary showcasing raw filming footage, insightful conversations on musical influences, and a collection of unique featurettes including a noteworthy short film, quirky sketches, and still galleries.

  • Movie: 61

  • Wes Anderson's 'The Darjeeling Limited' on Blu-ray offers a rich array of supplemental features, including an insightful commentary and engaging documentaries. The film's intricate, eccentric style may polarize viewers, but the Criterion Collection release, with its superb presentation and detailed extras, is undeniably noteworthy.


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