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A Few Good Men

4K Ultra HD

Blu Ray

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  • A Few Good Men shines in Sony's UHD update, hailed for its drama and AV excellence.

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  • Video
  • Sony's 4K UHD release of 'A Few Good Men' dazzles with exceptional detail, vibrant colors, and balanced grain, offering a reference-quality upgrade over previous versions.

  • Audio
  • A Few Good Men's UHD Dolby Atmos upgrade enhances clarity, spatial qualities, and immersive audio without overstating, offering a natural and dynamic listening experience.

  • Extra
  • A Few Good Men's UHD debut rehashes old extras, including Reiner's commentary and minimal cast photos, with key scenes in 4K/HDR. The package lacks new content but includes a digital copy.

  • Movie
  • Sony's UHD release of 'A Few Good Men' offers a definitive, upgraded experience, capturing the film's courtroom drama intensity and quotable brilliance.

    Video: 88

    Sony's 4K UHD Blu-ray release of "A Few Good Men" represents a significant leap in quality over its Blu-ray counterpart, delivering an image clarity and texture detail that sets a new benchmark for shot-on-film catalog titles transitioning to 4K. The 2160p/HDR-enhanced presentation preserves the film’s original 2.39:1 theatrical aspect ratio, offering a sharp, highly filmic image. The meticulous scan of the original 35 mm negative in full native 4K coupled with an HDR10 color grade enriches every frame with balanced, continuous grain, and a color palette that elevates the visual experience without compromising the film’s authenticity. Especially commendable are the refined detail in military uniforms, skin textures, courtroom woods, and vivid expressions of color - from the striking blacks of military attire to the vibrant render of the American flag.

    The HDR implementation deserves particular mention, adeptly balancing bright whites and deep blacks to reveal a surprising level of detail previously obscured. The color intensity, handled with precision, brings out the finest details in everything from costume design to environmental textures, enhancing the viewer's engagement with the film’s visual narrative. However, some minimal criticisms include occasional eyeballs appearing overly glossy due to HDR enhancement and slight shadow detailing issues in flashback segments. Despite these minor nitpicks, the overall visual restoration impresses with its natural look and depth, demonstrating an exceptional upgrade that venerates the film's cinematographic quality.

    This remaster underlines the importance of finishing films in full 4K for the back catalog titles' market, showcasing considerable improvements over older releases. The precision in texturing, like the readable lettering on court documents and the intricate detailing on military insignias and uniforms, embodies a new standard in visual presentation. While certain shots exhibit inherent softness and there’s sporadic overemphasis in black levels, these do not detract from what is fundamentally an exemplary UHD presentation by Sony. Enhancements in color grading and detail resolution render "A Few Good Men" not just as a movie but as an immersive visual experience, making it an essential addition to any 4K collection, especially for aficionados of meticulously restored classics.

    Audio: 86

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray release of "A Few Good Men" introduces a new Dolby Atmos soundtrack, elevating the audio experience of this dialogue-heavy courtroom drama. The upgrade from Dolby Digital 5.1 to Atmos provides a commendable improvement in sound quality, enhancing the film’s auditory environment without resorting to over-the-top effects. The Atmos mix distinctly benefits from a natural and convincing clarity in dialogue, which now exhibits more natural spatial distribution. Characters' voices are clearly differentiated within the soundscape, ensuring that even in crowded scenes, there's no auditory crowding. This new mix also subtly enhances atmospheric elements and Marc Shaiman’s score, offering a wider soundstage and improved immersion, particularly evident during sequences featuring weather effects and the courtroom's ambient reverberation.

    Sound effects like the judge's gavel command attention, enveloping the viewer with a heightened realism that lingers in the air. Such details, alongside the meticulously positioned knocks on doors and other directional sounds, create a truly immersive listening experience. Additional language tracks and a bevy of subtitle options ensure accessibility for a diverse audience. The mix excels in leveraging low-frequency effects to amplify key moments, with the bass lines of Shaiman’s score and the resonant boom of drums during parade sequences delivering an emotionally charged punch that enhances the film's gravity.

    Overall, this Dolby Atmos soundtrack represents a significant auditory upgrade for "A Few Good Men" on 4K UHD. Though the film is inherently dialogue-driven and not action-packed, the enhanced audio mix adds depth and atmosphere, elevating the experience far beyond its previous releases. From the nuanced soundscapes of Georgetown to the echoing solemnity of the courtroom, every audio detail is crafted to enhance storytelling and immerse the viewer, making this an essential version for fans and audiophiles alike.

    Extra: 72

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray release of "A Few Good Men" ushers in its high-definition era without brandishing new extras but consolidating its vintage charm with classic supplementaries. The collection prominently features an engaging audio commentary by director Rob Reiner, salient to enthusiasts for its insightful narration. While the supplemental materials—ranging from a detailed exploration of the film's evolution from stage to screen, a dive into the ethical dilemmas faced by the characters, to previews of additional Sony titles—reside on the accompanying Blu-ray disc, the UHD version enriches the experience with enhanced moments in 2160p/HDR/Atmos quality, focusing on key characters and pivotal scenes. Noteworthy is the digital copy inclusion for modern consumption convenience. Regrettably, for owners of previous editions, this release might feel overly familiar, as it reintroduces but does not expand the extras. It's a competent, if not groundbreaking, compilation that respects its source material's legacy while embracing current media formats.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Audio Commentary: A track featuring director Rob Reiner providing insights.
    • Code of Conduct: Exploration of the ethical dilemmas within the film.
    • From Stage to Screen: The process of adapting the play into a movie.
    • Previews: Trailers of additional titles from Sony.

    Movie: 90

    Sony's release of "A Few Good Men" on 4K UHD is an essential upgrade for enthusiasts of courtroom dramas and admirers of this pinnacle of the genre. Director Rob Reiner's meticulous adaptation of Aaron Sorkin's Broadway play into a compelling cinematic venture shines brighter than ever before, thanks in large part to the technical marvels afforded by this latest release. The film's transfer to the UHD format boasts a striking visual enhancement over its predecessor, making this edition not just an improvement but the definitive version for home collections. While no new supplements accompany this release, the film's enriched presentation speaks volumes, offering a substantial leap forward from the now decade-old Blu-ray version.

    At the heart of "A Few Good Men" lies a riveting narrative that intertwines the lives of Navy lawyer Daniel Kaffee (portrayed by Tom Cruise), and the two Marines he defends, against the backdrop of a military court-martial. With performances that bring nuanced depth to their characters, and Sorkin's sharp script—amplified by William Goldman's uncredited yet vital revisions—the film captures the intensity and moral quandaries inherent in its storyline. The compelling direction by Reiner, combined with this ensemble cast's chemistry, particularly that of Demi Moore as Lt. Commander Galloway and Jack Nicholson's iconic role as Col. Nathan Jessup, renders "A Few Good Men" a timeless piece.

    The 4K UHD release underscores Sony’s commitment to preserving cinematic legacies through technological advancements, ensuring films like "A Few Good Men" are experienced in unparalleled quality. From the crispness of the visuals to the dynamic range that brings each scene to life with startling clarity, this version elevates the viewing experience, reaffirming the film’s status among the most quotable and revered legal thrillers of the '90s.

    Total: 79

    A Few Good Men," a quintessential cinematic masterpiece within Sony's repertoire, receives an exemplary treatment in its 4K UHD Blu-ray release, confirming the studio's top-tier status in the UHD domain. This edition is not just a testament to the film’s enduring legacy but also showcases Sony’s dedication to preserving and enhancing cinematic history. The 4K image transfer elevates the visual experience significantly, boasting a clarity and color richness that breathes new life into this classic narrative. Accompanied by an Atmos soundtrack that complements the film’s intricate auditory layers, the overall A/V quality positions this release as a benchmark, akin to Warner’s lauded "Blade Runner: The Final Cut."

    Despite the passage of over twenty-five years, the film’s thematic depth, exceptional screenplay, and assertive direction continue to captivate audiences, with this version sustaining its dramatic intensity and narrative prowess across its extensive runtime. Comparatively, this iteration's content, although bereft of novel bonus features, maintains appeal through its superior preservation of legacy content. This fidelity to original elements ensures that both new audiences and seasoned fans can fully appreciate the film's cinematic brilliance in an unparalleled home viewing experience.

    In conclusion, Sony’s 4K UHD Blu-ray release of "A Few Good Men" is an unequivocal must-have for cinephiles and enthusiasts of top-notch court drama alike. The studio successfully marries technological advancement with nostalgic reverence, creating an offering that is both a visual feast and an auditory delight. This edition not only commemorates the film's significant anniversary but also solidifies its position as a celebrated classic that continues to resonate with viewers, further underlining Sony's premier standing in the realm of high-definition releases.