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Take Shelter


  • Score: 70

    from 2 reviewers

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  • 'Take Shelter' is an engaging, must-see film of 2011 with stellar performances, now on Blu-ray.

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  • Video: 73

  • 'Take Shelter' Blu-ray boasts an exceptional 1080p transfer with vibrant colors, sharp details, and natural textures, despite minor flaws and inconsistencies reflective of its indie budget.

  • Audio: 75

  • Take Shelter's Blu-ray features an immersive DTS-HD MA 5.1 soundtrack, with lifelike storms and subtle ambiances, though quieter scenes and dialogue may seem subdued.

  • Extra: 60

  • Take Shelter Blu-ray extras offer detailed insights, from director and cast commentaries revealing behind-the-scenes facts and effects, to informative Q&A sessions and unique deleted scenes, elevating the viewing experience.

  • Movie: 78

  • 'Take Shelter' melds gripping drama with prophetic nightmares, showcasing stellar performances and a tale of love, fear, and foresight against a backdrop of looming disaster.