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You're Next

Blu Ray

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    from 2 reviewers
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  • 'You're Next' blends horror and humor effectively, delivering fun and shivers. Highly recommended.

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  • Video
  • 'You're Next' boasts a well-executed 1080p HD transfer, capturing fine details and textures, with strategic use of shadows and color to enhance suspense, despite some motion blur.

  • Audio
  • The lossless DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix delivers immersive horror with clear dialogue, precise effects, and subliminal bass, enhancing the film's suspense and terror.

  • Extra
  • The 'You're Next' extras include engaging and technically detailed audio commentaries, an interesting behind-the-scenes look, and trailers, offering insights into the film's production and creative process.

  • Movie
  • You're Next blends dark humor with grisly horror, mocking family dysfunction amidst a bloody home invasion, delivering a snarky, gory, entertaining experience.

    Video: 72

    'You're Next' is delivered on Blu-ray by Lionsgate Films, showcasing an AVC encoded 1080p transfer with an aspect ratio of 2.40:1, blending a bit of both reviews' different stated ratios to reflect an accurately cinematic experience. This Red One captured horror feature primarily unfolds under the veil of darkness, a stylistic choice by the filmmakers to elevate suspense. Such darkness, while suppressing shadow details somewhat—arguably by intent—does not detract from the viewing experience due to the absence of notable noise and maintains adequate contrast levels. This is particularly evident in a standout scene involving a camera's flash illuminating a pitch-black setting, where the interplay of light and shadow is both stark and effectively executed. The brighter scenes, though scarce and subdued in color due to deliberate grading choices, showcase a sharp and detailed image.

    The visual presentation thrives on its well-maintained balance between sharp details and carefully controlled color saturation. The 1080p HD transfer brings out intricate details such as scars, gashes, textures in close-ups, and the distinct textures of the eerie animal masks and costumes. These elements are captured with clarity, making every detail, from the makeup flaws to the vibrant rush of blood in action scenes, notably vivid against the flick's generally warm color palette. Indoor scenes, rich in browns, yellows, and neutrals, provide a cozy yet increasingly foreboding backdrop for the unfolding chaos. Despite a minute presence of motion blur, the transfer suffers from no significant compression issues, with deep blacks and true-to-life skin tones enhancing the overall grotesque yet captivatingly realistic atmosphere of the film.

    Audio: 77

    The Blu Ray audio presentation of "You're Next" utilizes a robust DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix that excels in immersing the viewer within its horror-centric environment. It masterfully blends music, foley effects, and dialogue to create a terrifying auditory experience. Particularly noteworthy is the clever use of a tune set on repeat by the first victims, which haunts the duration of the film, acting almost as a dreadful leitmotif that enhances the film’s tense atmosphere. Additionally, the audio mix delivers outstanding discrete channelization, ensuring that both the sickening sound effects of violence and crisp, clear dialogue are positioned accurately within the soundstage, contributing to a deeply immersive experience.

    Equally impressive is the mix’s handling of dynamics and bass frequencies. Throughout "You're Next," the low-frequency rumble is employed with subtlety yet efficaciously, underscored during moments of horror for a subliminal impact. The precise balance of sound effects — including the unsettling sounds of bullets flying, arrows piercing, and the visceral noises of combat — alongside well-directed dialogue and a compelling score, showcases an excellent dynamic range. The score itself underpins the onscreen tension superbly, complementing the action without overwhelming it.

    Moreover, the technical execution of this audio presentation ensures that dialogue remains intelligible amidst the chaos, with no detectable artifacts such as pops, cracks, or hissing. This clarity extends to the directionality of sounds, which significantly enhances the horror experience; footsteps and whispers from unseen assailants are rendered with chilling accuracy, enveloping the listener. The LFE (Low-Frequency Effects) channel is utilized effectively to add depth to the audio landscape, making every thud, slash, and scream felt in the pit of your stomach. This DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix not only supports but elevates the gripping narrative of "You're Next," making it a standout example of horror sound design.

    Extra: 55

    The extras on the "You're Next" Blu-ray offer a comprehensive look into the making of this home invasion horror thriller. With two audio commentaries, the first featuring Director Adam Wingard and Writer Simon Barrett provides an engaging, laughter-filled breakdown of the film's production, from stunt coordination to actor collaborations. The second commentary expands the discussion with Actresses Sharni Vinson and Barbara Crampton, delving deeper into the technical aspects of filmmaking, such as shot setups and location choices, making it surprisingly technical despite its crowded lineup. "No Ordinary Home Invasion: The Making of You're Next" offers a succinct but interesting peek behind the scenes, although it leaves audiences wishing for more depth and length. The inclusion of trailers rounds out the extras by giving a glimpse of the film and other Lionsgate offerings. While engaging, the package slightly disappoints with its want for more substantive documentary content on its creation.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • No Ordinary Home Invasion: The Making of You're Next: A brief look at the making with interviews and planning footage.
    • Audio Commentary with Director Adam Wingard and Writer Simon Barrett: Engaging commentary revealing approaches to horror film tropes.
    • Audio Commentary with Director Adam Wingard, Writer Simon Barrett, and Actors Sharni Vinson & Barbara Crampton: A technical dive into filmmaking with cast insights.
    • Theatrical Trailers: High-definition trailers for "You're Next" and selections from Lionsgate.

    Movie: 70

    You're Next" cleverly straddles the line between dark comedy and slasher horror, offering a fresh twist on the home invasion genre. As an atypical blend of gruesome violence and snarky humor, the film sidesteps the usual horror clichés, delving instead into the dysfunctional dynamics of a family under siege. From its opening scene, where a couple's romantic interlude is brutally interrupted, signaling the onset of mayhem, "You're Next" establishes itself as a film that revels in both its playfulness and brutality. The introduction of the Davison family, unwittingly locked in their secluded mansion with a gang of animal mask-wearing killers, sets the stage for a deadly reunion peppered with clever, comedic interludes amidst escalating tension.

    Director Adam Wingard, alongside indie horror stalwarts like Joe Swanberg and Ti West, infuses the narrative with a visceral energy that is both chaotic and stupidly entertaining. Despite a pacing that occasionally loses its footing between horrific violence and laugh-out-loud moments, the film finds its stride when Sharni Vinson's character, Erin, a survivalist at heart, begins to turn the tables on the intruders. Her transformation from a seemingly ordinary guest to a resourceful heroine adept at setting booby traps underscores the movie's inventive take on genre expectations. This dynamic shift not only drives the narrative but also provides some of the film's most gruesomely humorous scenes.

    At its core, "You're Next" is unapologetic in its delivery of high-octane horror laced with absurdity, making it a standout entry in the genre. The integration of familiar horror tropes with unexpected twists and a spirited ensemble cast contributes to its unique charm. Unlike conventional horror flicks that rely purely on shock value, this film achieves a balance between gore and dark humor, engaging the viewer with its originality and spirited execution. Despite a somewhat rocky path to release, culminating in a delayed but successful run, "You're Next" demonstrates how injecting new life into well-worn genres can captivate audiences, leaving them both horrified and amused in equal measure.

    Total: 67

    You're Next" stands as a compelling entry in the horror-slasher genre, blending relentless gore and dark humor to craft an experience that's as entertaining as it is unnerving. The film skillfully navigates the fine line between horror and humor, providing audiences with a healthy dose of both. While not breaking new ground in terms of originality, it executes its premise with enough flair and competency to keep viewers engaged. Technical aspects like video and audio quality are commendable, enhancing the viewing experience significantly. Despite a few narrative missteps, including a somewhat predictable late reveal, the overall pace and energy make for a thrilling watch.

    The Blu-ray presentation excels in delivering high-quality video and audio, ensuring that every suspenseful shadow and chilling scream is captured with clarity. Special features such as engaging commentaries add value, offering insights into the film's creation and elevating the overall package. While some characters' decisions might stretch believability to the point of humor, this does not detract from the film's ability to entertain and horrify in equal measure. It's a testament to effective genre filmmaking, managing to keep the audience on the edge of their seats while simultaneously eliciting laughs.

    In conclusion, "You're Next" on Blu-ray is a must-have for fans of the horror genre looking for a mix of scares and laughs. Its robust technical presentation complements the film's dynamic blend of horror and humor. Although it may not redefine the genre, its execution and the added depth of its special features make it a standout. For those with an appetite for gore and guffaws, this film comes highly recommended.