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Confession of Murder

Blu Ray

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    from 2 reviewers
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  • 'Confession of Murder' is a technically solid yet cluttered thriller with a social critique lost in its excess.

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  • Video
  • Confession of Murder's Blu-ray boasts superb HD clarity and fine details, with a cinematic look despite heavily color-graded scenes. It excels in contrast and detailed textures, despite occasional dullness in dark scenes.

  • Audio
  • Confession of Murder's DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 impresses with dynamic, immersive surround sound, enhancing both action and dialogue-heavy scenes.

  • Extra
  • Behind-the-scenes and interviews in SD (5 mins total) with Detective Choi (3 mins) and Lee Du-seok (2 mins), plus a HD trailer (1.5-2 mins).

  • Movie
  • 'Confession of Murder' balances a preposterous plot and shocking twists with dynamic action, exploring themes of justice and media frenzy in a thrilling narrative.

    Video: 77

    Confession of Murder" is presented on a Blu-ray disc by Well Go USA, showcasing an AVC encoded 1080p transfer in a 2.35:1 aspect ratio that punches above its weight in the realms of clarity and detail resolution. This film, shot digitally, basks in the glory of high-definition with a pristine, stable image that boasts remarkable fine details, especially noticeable in close-up shots where the texture of skin and fabric come alive. While the film employs a liberal use of color grading, favoring a cold ice blue and slate gray palette that's become synonymous with modern thrillers, it results in a slightly compromised sharpness and detail in darker scenes. Despite this, the overall color presentation remains commendable with vivid colors that pop when highlighted against the film's predominantly blue-green crime saga palette.

    The image's crispness and the meticulous rendering of textures are commendable, providing an immersive cinematic experience that could have felt sterile due to the absence of film grain. Instead, it maintains a cinematic warmth, complemented by a lack of visible imperfections such as dust or digital noise. This release excels in color reproduction and contrast levels, ensuring that transitions between various lighting conditions are seamless and free from artifacts like banding or crush. The shadow details are particularly impressive, providing depth and atmosphere without sacrificing clarity.

    In terms of technical achievement, Well Go USA's release of "Confession of Murder" sets a high bar, with an uncompromising approach to video quality that showcases both the frenetic action and the nuanced environments of the film. While the aggressive color grading might not suit every palette, the fidelity to fine details, combined with superior contrast and shadow delineation, makes this one of the best Blu-ray presentations from Well Go USA to date.

    Audio: 75

    The audio presentation of the Blu-ray for "Confession of Murder" showcases a stellar DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track that delivers both in the bombastic action sequences and the more subdued dialogue-driven sections. The dynamic range is noted to be very wide, providing an excellent fidelity across the board. The mix thrives during the chaotic opening and closing scenes, immersing the viewer with a barrage of surround sound activity that captures every detail, from the intensity of the action to the subtler environmental ambiances. These segments demonstrate the audio's capability to envelop the audience in a nearly tangible atmosphere, although it's mentioned that processing everything can sometimes be overwhelming due to the richness of sounds.

    In contrast, the bulk of the film, which focuses more on dialogue and plot development, utilizes the surround channels more for ambient noises, building a believable and immersive soundstage within quieter settings. The hustle of television studios and the debates taking place are examples where this subtler surround activity shines, enriching the film's sonic palette without overshadowing the spoken word. The dialogue itself is reported as crisp and clear, predominantly channeled through the center but with a mix that doesn't shy away from employing directional cues and imaging to involve the rear channels, effectively utilizing every aspect of the soundscape to underscore the narrative.

    Technical proficiency is consistent throughout, complemented by a very deliberate use of LFE (Low-Frequency Effects) that adds depth and a physical dimension to the listening experience. This not only increases engagement during more intense moments but also aids in creating a compelling auditory environment even in calmer scenes. The balance between dialogue clarity, effect placement, and musical scoring is well-executed, ensuring that each element supports rather than competes with one another. This nuanced approach results in a mix that remains vibrant and full of life throughout the film's runtime, perfectly matching its visual counterpart to create a seamless cinema experience.

    Extra: 45

    The extra presentation of the Blu Ray of "Confession of Murder" is succinct yet informative, offering a peek behind the curtain of this thrilling narrative. Through a blend of behind-the-scenes footage and focused interviews with key cast members Jung Jae-young and Park Si-hoo, viewers are treated to an intimate glimpse into the making of the film. The compilation is direct and devoid of fluff, presenting the essential elements that fans and newcomers alike would appreciate. Despite the differing resolutions, from standard definition for the majority of the content to high definition for the trailer, the extras provide a well-rounded complement to the main feature. It's particularly noteworthy how these extras balance technical insights with actor perspectives, enhancing the overall appreciation of the film.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Behind the Scenes: A compilation of interviews and on-set footage.
    • Interviews: Insights from Jung Jae-young (Detective Choi) and Park Si-hoo (Lee Du-seok).
    • Trailer: A high-definition preview of the film.

    Movie: 60

    Confession of Murder," deftly directed by Jeong Byeong-gil, a former stuntman, is a kinetic thrill ride that marries the frenetic energy of meticulously choreographed action sequences with a narrative that is at once convoluted and compelling. The film kicks off with a stunningly violent chase through the streets and alleyways of South Korea, immediately setting a high bar for both its action and its aesthetic. This visceral opening not only showcases Jeong's stuntman chops but also serves to introduce us to the tortured soul at the film’s center, police Lieutenant Choi (Jeong Jae-yeong), who remains haunted by his inability to capture a serial killer. The narrative complexity deepens as the film explores the intriguing premise of a murderer leveraging media attention after the expiration of the statute of limitations on his crimes, a plot twist that is both shocking in its audacity and reflective of real-world legal peculiarities in South Korea.

    As "Confession of Murder" unfolds, it delves into themes of guilt, remorse, and the sensationalism of evil within celebrity culture. The movie's audacity lies in its balancing act between being outrageously entertaining and dangerously close to unraveling under the weight of its ambitious plot. The introduction of Lee Du-sok (Park Shi-hoo), the murderer turned media sensation, throws Lieutenant Choi's world into further disarray, propelling the narrative into a maelstrom of vengeance, moral dilemmas, and existential angst. This tension is exacerbated by the victims' families’ desperation for justice, leading to sequences of high-stakes drama and action that push the boundaries of believability without ever tipping into absurdity.

    Despite occasional missteps in logic and an ending that veers towards the excessive, "Confession of Murder" remains a masterclass in genre filmmaking. Jeong Byeong-gil's film succeeds in keeping viewers riveted through a combination of high-octane action, a labyrinthine plot teeming with twists, and a deeper commentary on the spectacle of justice in the age of media omnipresence. The movie transcends its potential pitfalls through sheer audacity and stylistic flair, making it a must-watch for enthusiasts of action and psychological thrillers alike.

    Total: 65

    Confession of Murder," while ambitious in its narrative scope, grapples with pacing and a clutter of subplots that detract from its core premise. The film's attempt to weave a complex tapestry of themes, including media's glorification of violence and the cultural ramifications thereof, is commendable but becomes mired in an excessive number of plot twists and tangential storylines. Particularly, the inclusion of unnecessary developments (e.g., the late revelation of a victim's connection to Choi) and a superfluous coda undermines its potential as a sharply focused thriller. Despite these narrative missteps, the film's foray into the convoluted interplay between crime, punishment, and public spectacle provides fleeting yet impactful commentary on societal obsessions with criminal infamy.

    On the technical front, "Confession of Murder" shines with remarkable video and audio presentation quality on Blu-ray. The visual and auditory experiences are stellar, allowing for an immersion that is particularly appreciable in scenes of frantic action and dramatic intensity. These technical merits significantly bolster the film's appeal, ensuring that aficionados of both action cinema and high-quality home entertainment releases will find much to admire. While the special features may not delve deeply into the film’s thematic explorations or production intricacies, they serve as a decent complement to the main feature, rounding out the Blu-ray offering.

    In conclusion, although "Confession of Murder" falls short of fully realizing its ambitious thematic objectives and suffers from a congested narrative, its exceptional technical execution on Blu-ray offers a saving grace. The film presents a visually and aurally engrossing experience that aficionados will likely appreciate, albeit with reservations about its convoluted plot structure. For viewers seeking a blend of thought-provoking content and high-definition cinematic thrill, this release warrants attention but comes with tempered expectations regarding its narrative coherence.