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The Hunted

Blu Ray

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  • Lawton's unique start to The Hunted keeps it engaging, despite ending uncertainties.

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  • Video
  • Despite the enduring softness, close-ups reveal discernible facial textures and the intricacies of interior decoration, preserving some detail.

  • Audio
  • The surround system depicts the vast musical landscape and atmospheric elements vividly, capturing the essence of high-speed bullet trains, intense action, and pronounced rain for immersive positioning.

  • Extra
  • Deleted Scenes (11:09, SD) enrich The Hunted by deepening coworker dynamics with Paul and revealing his marital backstory.

  • Movie
  • Lambert embraces a comedic role in The Hunted, lightening the mood, yet his character is largely overlooked as Lawton focuses more on intricate details.

    Video: 56

    The Blu-ray presentation of "The Hunted" offers a nuanced video quality that, despite its imperfections, doesn't entirely compromise its visual appeal. There is a noticeable softness throughout the film's cinematography, yet it doesn't result in a total loss of detail. This is especially evident in close-up shots where the textures of facial expressions and the intricate details of the interior settings come to life, allowing viewers an appreciable depth that keeps them engaged in the story's visual narrative. The effort to maintain some level of clarity amid the softness demonstrates a balanced mastering process, ensuring that the essential visual elements remain accessible for detailed observation.

    Further delving into the technical specifics, it becomes clear that this Blu-ray edition has been handled with a conscientious approach to preserving the original aesthetic of "The Hunted." While some might argue that the softness could detract from the overall viewing experience, it arguably adds an artistic layer, reflective of the film's atmospheric setting and tone. Viewers are still treated to a visual presentation that, despite its softer edges, does not shy away from showcasing the movie's cinematic scope.

    In terms of the technical execution, it is evident that there has been an attempt to strike a delicate balance between maintaining the director's original vision and adapting it for the high-definition format. This adaptation hasn't been flawless, as noted by the persistent softness, yet it manages to do justice to the essential visual components of the film. The dynamic range within interior scenes and close-ups highlights a meticulous attention to detail in the video transfer process, ensuring that crucial visual elements are not overwhelmed by the limitations imposed by softness. This makes the Blu-ray video presentation of "The Hunted" an endeavor worth appreciating for its efforts to deliver a visually coherent experience, despite the technical challenges encountered.

    Audio: 66

    The Blu Ray audio presentation of "The Hunted" showcases a remarkable sound design, emphasizing its high-quality surround sound capabilities that breathe life into its dynamic environment. The spatial detailing particularly shines in scenes filled with expansive music scores and intense sequences, effectively enveloping the audience in an immersive auditory experience. The atmospherics are cleverly utilized, accentuating the essence of rapid movement and tumultuous confrontations, which amplifies the cinematic thrill. Furthermore, the rain effects are meticulously crafted, providing a palpable circular positioning that not only adds depth to the scenes but also enhances the overall sensory perception of the viewers.

    The audio mix masterfully balances clarity with intensity, maintaining a crisp and clear dialogue amid the chaos of action-packed sequences. This ensures that even in the midst of high-speed chases and explosive confrontations, every word is discernible, highlighting the attention to detail in the sound editing process. The use of directional audio further intensifies the experience, with sound elements tactfully positioned to mimic real-world acoustics. This strategic placement allows for a remarkable representation of both the physical and emotional landscapes of the film, pulling the audience deeper into its narrative.

    Overall, the Blu Ray audio presentation of "The Hunted" stands out for its exceptional surround sound quality and meticulous sound design. The creators have gone above and beyond in crafting a sonic environment that is as thrilling as it is engaging, making full use of the format's capabilities to deliver an auditory experience that complements the visual spectacle. The precision in balancing sound elements—be it the vivid clarity of dialogues, the lushness of musical backgrounds, or the hyperrealistic environmental sounds—ensures that viewers are not merely watching a film but are wholly absorbed in its unfolding world.

    Extra: 76

    The extra presentation of "The Hunted" on Blu Ray enhances the overall experience by offering a deeper insight into the narrative and characters. The Deleted Scenes, running for just over eleven minutes in standard definition, significantly contribute by expanding on the coworker's relationship with the protagonist, Paul, and adding layers to his marital backstory. This additional content not only enriches character development but also provides fans and new viewers alike with a more comprehensive understanding of the storyline and its dynamics. The attention to detail in these extras underscores the filmmakers' dedication to creating a fully realized world within "The Hunted," making this special edition a valuable add-on for any collection.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Deleted Scenes: Provides more depth to Paul's relationships and backstory, expanding the narrative beyond the original cut.

    Movie: 66

    In "The Hunted," presented on Blu Ray, director Christopher Lambert integrates a conspicuous amount of humor, diverging from the film's otherwise serious tone. This decision manifests predominantly through Lambert's own character, who, despite the comedic relief, seems to be sidelined in favor of focusing on more intricate details and aspects of the storyline. It's an interesting artistic choice that offers a unique layer to the film but also risks overshadowing the potential depth of Lambert's role within the narrative.

    The cinematography and audio quality of "The Hunted" on Blu Ray are standout elements, displaying a high level of technical proficiency that enhances the overall viewing experience. The clarity of visuals and the precision of the sound design work in tandem to immerse the viewer into the film's suspenseful atmosphere. Particularly notable is how well the action sequences are executed, with crisp, clear images and sound that pull the viewer right into the heart of the chase.

    However, an over-emphasis on stylistic details sometimes detracts from character development, specifically concerning Lambert's role. While the movie does a commendable job at weaving intricate plot points and utilizing advanced technical presentation, it somewhat neglects to fully explore the emotional depth and complexity of its central characters. This choice may leave audiences feeling slightly detached from Lambert’s character arc, craving a more balanced approach between the technical brilliance of the film’s presentation and the narrative weight of its protagonists.

    Total: 61

    The Blu-ray release of "The Hunted" presents an intriguing yet slightly flawed viewing experience, primarily due to its narrative structure. Director J.F. Lawton exhibits a distinct flair for establishing the film's atmosphere and premise, ushering viewers into the story with skill and confidence. Where Lawton excels in the commencement, he notably falters in concluding the narrative, leaving a sense of incompletion. Despite this shortcoming, the initial setup and unfolding of events are engaging enough to sustain interest and support the overall viewing experience.

    Technical details of the Blu-ray enhance the film's appeal, offering a high-quality visual and auditory experience that underscores Lawton's directorial efforts. The crispness of the picture and the precision of the sound editing are commendable, providing an immersive sensory experience that complements the film's dramatic tension. These aspects work in tandem to mitigate some of the narrative pacing issues, ensuring that viewers remain invested in the story and its characters.

    In summary, the Blu-ray presentation of "The Hunted" is a mixed bag that leans more towards a positive viewing experience, primarily due to its strong start and superior technical execution. While the film suffers from a lackluster conclusion that fails to tie up its storylines satisfactorily, the initial intrigue and the high-quality production values of the Blu-ray release do enough to engross the audience. For fans of the genre and admirers of Lawton's unique directorial style, this release offers enough substance to merit a place in their collection, despite its imperfections.