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Downton Abbey

4K Ultra HD

Blu Ray

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  • This UHD upgrade of Downton Abbey delights with enhanced visuals, immersive Dolby Atmos, and is a must-buy for fans.

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  • Video
  • Downton Abbey's UHD presentation dramatically enhances visual clarity, texture, and colors, with exceptional 2160p resolution, Dolby Vision color grading, and captivating detail, vastly outperforming the Blu-ray version.

  • Audio
  • The Dolby Atmos track dazzles with lifelike details, luxurious scores, and immerse atmospherics, painting rich sonic landscapes with elegant subtlety and powerful Hollywood production quality.

  • Extra
  • Universal's Downton Abbey UHD release boasts the 2019 Blu-ray extras, enhanced with Dolby Vision in 2160p resolution, featuring cast conversations, deleted scenes, and exclusive features like 'The Brilliance of Julian Fellowes,' all wrapped with a slipcover and a digital copy.

  • Movie
  • Universal launches the 2019 'Downton Abbey' film in UHD, featuring 2160p/Dolby Vision and Atmos audio, with existing Blu-ray extras on both UHD and bundled Blu-ray, reflecting its celebrated TV origins.

    Video: 79

    The 4K UHD Blu Ray presentation of "Downton Abbey" is an exquisite improvement over its Blu-ray counterpart, offering a visually sumptuous experience that showcases the format's capabilities to the fullest. The transition to 2160p/Dolby Vision not only maintains the integrity of the original cinematography but elevates it, presenting a significantly enhanced clarity and depth that brings the grandeur of Downton Abbey and its environment to life with unprecedented detail. Textures, from fabric to foliage, are rendered with impressive fidelity, making every scene more immersive. The intricate designs of both the opulent upstairs and the bustling downstairs are revealed with exquisite detail, allowing for a more intimate exploration of the show's setting than ever before. Noise and encode issues are conspicuously absent, ensuring a pristine viewing experience.

    Color reproduction in this presentation is nothing short of revolutionary, with the Dolby Vision color grading introducing a level of vibrancy and accuracy that surpasses previous releases. Whites are notably crisper, offering a stark contrast against deep, nuanced black levels that add a rich depth to every frame. The range of colors, from lush greens outside to the varied hues of period clothing and warm tones of wood inside, pops with a liveliness that faithfully reproduces the original aesthetic intentions. Flesh tones remain natural and consistent throughout, further enhancing character presence on screen. This quality upgrade is not merely technical but contributes significantly to the storytelling, emphasizing mood and atmosphere in a way that engages viewers more fully.

    Overall, this 4K UHD presentation by Universal is exemplary of how to handle high-definition upgrades. By fine-tuning both the texture and color aspects of the video, "Downton Abbey" is presented with an unparalleled clarity and visual depth that makes it a compelling watch for both new audiences and longtime fans. The commitment to preserving and enhancing the visual splendor of the series while employing the latest in video tech serves as a benchmark for future releases.

    Audio: 69

    The Dolby Atmos audio track for the "Downton Abbey" 4K UHD Blu-ray excels in delivering an auditory experience that is as opulent as the visual feast the series is known for. From the first notes of the iconic opening score, viewers are enveloped in a soundscape that is both expansive and intricately detailed. The audio fills the room with a richness that is palpable, drawing out the lavishness of the series' setting with clarity and depth. The score, along with every sound effect, reverberates with lifelike detail across every speaker, creating a cohesive and immersive listening environment. This level of audio quality provides a sturdy backbone to the elegant narrative, ensuring that the emotional weight and period detail of "Downton Abbey" are felt as much as they are seen.

    Moreover, the audio track demonstrates an impressive mastery over the natural ambiance, transporting listeners directly to the sprawling estate and its surroundings. The meticulous crafting of environmental sounds, from the subtle rustle of leaves and distant bird calls to the more bustling noises of town life, such as horse hooves on cobblestone and the hum of early motor vehicles, significantly enhances the immersion. This auditory layering constructs a vivid, true-to-life setting that complements the visual splendor of "Downton Abbey", allowing viewers to not just watch but experience the world of the show.

    At the heart of this audio presentation is the crystal-clear dialogue, meticulously centered and balanced to ensure that every word is perfectly intelligible. This clarity in dialogue underscores the track's excellence, marrying the technical prowess of Hollywood productions with the understated elegance that "Downton Abbey" embodies. The combination of a robust subwoofer presence adding depth without overwhelming, precise environmental sounds creating a believable setting, and flawlessly presented dialogue results in one of the finest audio experiences available for a drama on today's market.

    Extra: 79

    Universal's 4K UHD release of "Downton Abbey" not only upgrades the visual fidelity with enhanced resolution and Dolby Vision color grading but also retains the comprehensive suite of extras previously available. This collection, designed for both newcomers and devoted fans, features insightful cast conversations, a closer look at the royal visit depicted in the film, and a dive into the authentic 1920s setting. Additionally, viewers are treated to deleted scenes, a warm welcome to the grand estate, and a spotlight on creator Julian Fellowes' genius. A series recap is thoughtfully included for those looking to refresh their memory or catch up. Completing the package is an audio commentary by director Michael Engler, offering a deeper understanding of the film's creation. A Movies Anywhere digital copy and a slipcover are included, ensuring that collectors and digital enthusiasts alike are catered to.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Cast Conversations: Insightful discussions with both the Upstairs and Downstairs cast.
    • The Royal Visit: A detailed examination of the royal visit sequence.
    • True to the Twenties: Exploration of the film's 1920s authenticity.
    • Deleted Scenes: Additional scenes not included in the theatrical release.
    • Welcome to Downton Abbey: An introductory piece to the majestic setting.
    • The Brilliance of Julian Fellowes: Tribute to the creator’s narrative craftsmanship.
    • Downton Abbey Series Recap: A comprehensive recap of the television series leading up to the film.
    • Audio Commentary: Director Michael Engler provides his insights and perspectives on the film.

    Movie: 69

    Universal's release of the 2019 film "Downton Abbey" on 4K UHD Blu-ray marks a significant upgrade for fans of the acclaimed television series as it transitions to the big screen. This edition boasts a spectacular 2160p/Dolby Vision video presentation, ensuring that the grandeur and meticulous detail of the beloved estate and its period setting are more vivid and immersive than ever before. The addition of Dolby Atmos audio complements the visual enhancements, enveloping viewers in the atmospheric sounds of early 20th-century England, from the bustling activity of the downstairs staff to the sophisticated conversations in the lavish drawing rooms. While no new special features are introduced in this release, it's worth noting that the package includes all legacy extras from the previous Blu-ray version, accessible both on the UHD disc and the bundled Blu-ray, which replicates the disc initially released by Universal in 2019.

    The decision to equip this cinematic continuation of "Downton Abbey" with cutting-edge audio and video specifications pays off, offering an experience that is both aurally and visually superior. Fans will appreciate the meticulous attention to detail evident in every frame, from the opulent costume designs to the expansive Yorkshire landscapes, all of which benefit from the high dynamic range and broader color palette provided by Dolby Vision technology. Similarly, the Dolby Atmos soundtrack adds a new dimension to the film's score and auditory environment, making the audience feel as though they are walking the halls of Downton Abbey alongside their favorite characters.

    This 4K UHD release serves not only as a testament to Universal's commitment to preserving and enhancing the cinematic quality of "Downton Abbey" but also as a must-have for enthusiasts of the franchise. Although it would have been enriching to see new extras tailored specifically for this release, the combination of upgraded visuals and sound ensures that this version of the film offers a profoundly engaging viewing experience. The legacy extras included provide sufficient supplementary material for those looking to delve deeper into the production and historical context of the series.

    Total: 69

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray release of "Downton Abbey" stands as a significant enhancement for faithful enthusiasts of the series, refining the visual and auditory experience that fans have come to cherish. While the Blu-ray version, released only a few years prior, was in itself a commendable achievement in home entertainment technology, the 4K iteration elevates the viewing experience to new heights. It meticulously improves upon the clarity and depth of the image, showcasing superior textural details and a more vibrant color palette, effectively encapsulating the viewer in the luxurious world of Downton Abbey. Moreover, the inclusion of a reference Dolby Atmos soundtrack further enriches this immersion, with its superior sound quality enveloping the viewer in the series' tranquil yet emotionally charged atmosphere.

    The set's supplemental features are carried over directly from its Blu-ray predecessor, with no new additions or omissions, maintaining a consistent level of extra content for devoted fans. This decision may leave some yearning for new insights into the beloved series but ensures that the integrity of the original extras is preserved. The lack of new features aside, the presentation of this UHD version is impeccable, aimed squarely at those who seek to own the most definitive version of the series to date. Collectors, in particular, will find appeal in securing the SteelBook variant, which adds an element of exclusivity and collectibility to this already impressive release.

    In conclusion, while not groundbreaking in offering new supplemental content, the 4K UHD release of "Downton Abbey" represents the zenith of home media presentation for the series. It substantially enhances both the visual and auditory fidelity over its Blu-ray counterpart, making it an indispensable acquisition for fans. The SteelBook variant further cements its status as a collector's item, ensuring that this release is not just an upgrade in quality but also a valuable addition to any collection. Highly recommended for aficionados seeking to immerse themselves fully in the grandeur and nuance of Downton Abbey.