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Pacific Rim

4K Ultra HD

Blu Ray

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  • Pacific Rim's 4K release: a monster-packed, audiovisual treat for fans.

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  • Video
  • Pacific Rim's UHD release dazzles with HDR's vivid colors, deeper blacks, and enhanced detail from its 2K DI origin, making it a visually stunning update.

  • Audio
  • Pacific Rim's 4K UHD release excels with its Dolby Atmos track, providing an immersive, reference-quality audio experience that complements its visuals.

  • Extra
  • The 4K edition of Pacific Rim lacks the second disc of extras, retaining only the commentary and focus points, disappointing fans of Guillermo del Toro’s detailed filmmaking and behind-the-scenes insights.

  • Movie
  • 'Pacific Rim' triumphs as a visually spectacular, character-driven blockbuster, melding giant robots and monsters with heart and creativity, defying its summer flop status with international success."

    Video: 90

    The Ultra HD Blu-ray release of "Pacific Rim" delivers a stunning visual feast, surpassing its previous iterations with a native 3840 x 2160p resolution, presented in the film's original theatrical aspect ratio of 1.85:1. Utilizing the HEVC codec along with HDR and WCG, the image quality achieves remarkable depth and vibrancy, a feat all the more impressive considering the source material is capped by a 2K Digital Intermediate. This amalgamation of technology results in a picture that radiates with electric blues and sizzling fiery reds from the very outset, building an intensity and complexity that is eye-catching. The addition of HDR10 format enhances every color to pop against darker backgrounds, especially notable during sea battles under the night sky, making for a visual spectacle that enriches Guillermo del Toro’s colorful palette and exquisite cinematography by Guillermo Navarro.

    Despite being an upscale from a 2K digital intermediate, the detail improvement is anything but subtle; textures on skin, clothing, and the intricate designs of both Jaegers and Kaiju are significantly more refined compared to the Blu-ray release. Shadows are deeper and more textured, and the brighter areas have a newfound pop thanks to the dynamic range made possible by HDR, demonstrating one of the finest implementations seen on the UHD format. This sharpness in detail coupled with the richer, more nuanced colors contribute greatly to the film’s already reference-quality depth and make it a prime showcase for the advantages of high dynamic range in film.

    "Pacific Rim" on 4K UHD Blu-ray not only captivates with its audacious color scheme and dive into intricate textural clarity but also stands as a testament to how a movie can substantially benefit from HDR’s enhanced contrast and color spectrum. While some moments of softness are acknowledged, and flesh tones may appear slightly flushed, these minor imperfections do little to deter from what is largely regarded as an exemplary Ultra HD experience. With its profound blacks and expanded color reproduction, offering a more intense and immersive viewing experience, it becomes an essential demo disc for illustrating the pinnacle of home cinema technology.

    Audio: 91

    Pacific Rim's" 4K UHD Blu-Ray audio presentation is an exemplary showcase of Dolby Atmos' capabilities, forming a mesmerizing auditory experience which elevates the film to new heights. The primary English Dolby Atmos track, built upon a Dolby TrueHD 7.1 core, ensures a wide, dynamic soundscape that engulfs viewers. The meticulous use of the height channels adds an additional layer of immersion, allowing subtle sounds like rainfall and more forceful ones like Kaiju roars to envelop the audience fully. Soundstage precision and the smoothness of audio panning contribute to an atmosphere where the action sequences become all-encompassing, drawing listeners directly into the heart of the conflict. The added LFE performance delivers earth-shattering bass, accentuating the might of Jaegers and Kaijus alike, without neglecting the more tender, nuanced moments of the film.

    Detail in audio reproduction shines through, from the mechanical intricacies of the Jaegers to the distinctive, terror-inducing sounds of the Kaiju. This attention to detail extends to environmental noises, such as water rushing and debris scattering, creating a convincing and detailed auditory environment that complements the visual spectacle on screen. Moments of intense action are thrillingly rendered; weapon impacts and monster clashes have a palpable weight, making each battle sequence feel dangerously real. Despite this chaos, dialogue maintains exceptional clarity and fidelity throughout, ensuring every line delivers its intended impact.

    The surround sound experience is immersive and aggressive, wrapping viewers in a cocoon of dynamic and nuanced auditory stimuli. From the vertiginous heights of Kaiju breaches to the depth charges of underwater battles, the mix masterfully plays with spatial audio to create a cohesive and riveting soundscape. Small discrepancies, such as occasional tinniness around specific dialogue parts, do little to detract from an otherwise flawless audio performance. "Pacific Rim" on 4K UHD Blu-Ray stands as a reference-quality release, offering both a thunderous and intricate listening experience that sets a high bar for home theater presentations.

    Extra: 76

    Warner Bros' 4K UHD release of "Pacific Rim" proves a mixed bag for enthusiasts and collectors alike, retaining some of the original Blu-ray’s special features while notably omitting others. Guillermo del Toro's insightful audio commentary remains a highlight, offering a deep dive into the creation and passion behind the film. Accompanying this are the Focus Points featurettes, providing an aggregate hour of discussions on various aspects of the film—from Kaiju lore and Jaeger design to the intricacies of set construction and musical score. However, fans may feel the pinch of missing content; notably absent are the Director's Notebook, deleted scenes, and blooper reel that enriched previous editions. This edition serves up a mix of in-depth revelations and frustrating omissions, making it an essential yet incomplete companion to del Toro's monster epic.

    Extras included in this disc:

    Audio Commentary by Guillermo del Toro: Exclusive insight into the movie from director Guillermo del Toro.

    Focus Points: A comprehensive collection of 13 featurettes covering everything from the film's design philosophy to its musical score, including:

    • A Film by Guillermo del Toro
    • A Primer on Kaijus & Jaegers
    • Intricacy of Robot Design
    • Honoring the Kaiju Tradition
    • The Importance of Mass and Scale
    • Shatterdome Ranger Roll Call
    • Jaegers Echo Human Grace
    • Inside the Drift
    • Goth-Tech
    • Mega Sized Sets
    • Baby Kaiju Set Visit
    • Tokyo Alley Set Visit
    • Orchestral Sounds from the Anteverse

    Movie: 83

    Guillermo del Toro's "Pacific Rim," emerging after a myriad of giant monster and robot films, proves itself to be a spectacle of immense scale and joyous invention. Del Toro, embracing the camp and creativity seen in classic kaiju and mecha narratives, spins a tale that's both homage and evolution, blending the bombastic elements of Western blockbusters with the heart and soul of Japanese genre cinema. The movie taps into the primal thrill of seeing giant creatures clash with human-piloted behemoths, backed by a resonant score from Ramin Djawadi. Through its synthesis of monster-movie lore and futuristic warfare, "Pacific Rim" unfolds as a dazzling array of battles that are as emotionally engaging as they are visually breathtaking.

    At the heart of "Pacific Rim" is the compelling concept of the neural link, or 'drift,' which allows for a deep dive into character dynamics, adding a layer of psychological depth to the metal-crunching action. The richly imagined world is populated with a diverse cast, embodying themes of togetherness and resilience against seemingly insurmountable odds. The narrative, while straightforward, is buoyed by performances that bring humanity to the forefront of this apocalyptic spectacle. Despite criticisms regarding pacing and some underdeveloped characters, the film manages to keep its momentum through sheer creativity and the palpable enthusiasm del Toro has for his subject matter.

    Technically, the presentation of "Pacific Rim" on 4K UHD Blu-ray sets a high standard, with reference-quality visuals and an immersive Atmos soundtrack that captures every nuance of the colossal clashes. However, there's a noted deficiency in extra content, which might dampen the experience for aficionados seeking deeper insights into the film’s creation. Despite these shortcomings, "Pacific Rim" stands out for its boldness and artistic audacity, offering a feast for the senses while maintaining a coherent narrative core that celebrates multicultural unity in the face of existential threats. Its place in the pantheon of giant monster films is secured not just by its grandiosity, but also by its heart and inventiveness.

    Total: 82

    Pacific Rim" on 4K UHD Blu-ray is a testament to the sheer spectacle that home cinema enthusiasts can enjoy, with a presentation that notably fuses Guillermo del Toro’s visionary storytelling with state-of-the-art audiovisual technology. This release capitalizes on a heart-pounding blend of colossal robots and monstrous sea creatures, delivering an experience that's both grand in scale and meticulously detailed, thanks to the upscaled 4K resolution. With the application of HDR and WCG, viewers are treated to an image quality that often surpasses many native 4K discs, boasting vibrant colors and deeper blacks which make every frame a visual feast. While the absence of the special features disc from the Blu-ray edition is a disappointment, the main attraction—the movie itself alongside the stunning video upgrade and reference-quality Dolby Atmos sound mix—remains undiminished, solidifying its status as a cornerstone of UHD libraries.

    Despite certain shortcomings, such as the exclusion of 3D Blu-ray options and a comprehensive collection of special features, the overall package remains immensely appealing. The allure is not just in its technical execution but in the cinematic journey it offers—a no-holds-barred adventure that embraces the essence of blockbuster entertainment. The attention to detail in the world-building, combined with exhilarating monster action, provides a nostalgic yet fresh experience for fans of the genre. Notably, the addition of Dolby Vision and Atmos on this release maximizes the immersive potential of home cinema setups, making it an essential acquisition for those looking to showcase the capabilities of their equipment.

    In conclusion, "Pacific Rim" on 4K UHD Blu-ray exemplifies how technological advancements in home media can elevate a film to new heights of enjoyment and appreciation. Despite its few setbacks, primarily around bonus content, this release is indispensable for both fans of the film and aficionados of exceptional home theater experiences. It's a delightful mix of Guillermo del Toro's creative prowess and top-tier AV presentation— a combo that’s hard to resist. As such, "Pacific Rim" on 4K UHD merits a strong recommendation, especially now—there's no better time to immerse oneself in its awe-inspiring world. Whether it's your first dive into the breach or a return to the battlefront, this disc promises to be a pivotal addition to your collection.