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A Encarnação do Demônio

Blu Ray

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  • Complex horror film with standout Blu-ray release; best viewed with series context.

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  • Video
  • Embodiment of Evil on Blu-ray offers a high-quality 1080p transfer with visible grain, excellent detail, and natural colors, despite minor issues like flatness in some scenes, slight black level inconsistencies, and occasional edge halos. Fans will appreciate the care taken in presenting gore details.

  • Audio
  • Embodiment of Evil's Portuguese DTS-HD MA 5.1 soundtrack outshines its video, delivering a rich, immersive audio experience with crystal-clear dialogue, deep bass, and vivid ambient sounds, all well-balanced and engaging.

  • Extra
  • Embodiment of Evil DVD has few extras; a quality Making Of featurette in 1080p, detailed premiere footage, and a trailer. Focuses on the film's creation and premiere, in Portuguese with English subtitles.

  • Movie
  • Embodiment of Evil, a grotesque sequel by José Mojica Marins, delivers a visually disturbing and thematically odd journey with Coffin Joe's macabre saga.

    Video: 53

    The Blu-ray release of "A Encarnação do Demônio" (Embodiment of Evil) by Synapse Films marks an impressive effort with its 1080p transfer, promising viewers a high-quality visual experience despite minor shortcomings. The video presentation maintains a natural graininess that contributes to the film's atmosphere, although this texture tends to vary across different scenes—some appearing glossier yet avoiding an artificial 'plastic' look. The attention to detail is notable, from the intricate facial textures that bring characters to life, particularly in close-ups of Coffin Joe's distinctive eyebrows, to the vivid depiction of environments, showcasing everything from the deterioration of an old prison cell to the layers of dust on Coffin Joe's coffin. The color palette is consistent and natural, with blood red hues strikingly prominent, ensuring that the film's gore effects are both realistic and impactful.

    Despite its virtues, the transfer does exhibit a few technical issues, such as occasional edge halos and a slight loss of detail in darker scenes, although these do not significantly detract from the overall viewing experience. The blacks are deep and mostly well-rendered, contributing to the film’s eerie atmosphere. However, the slight inconsistencies in darker areas and the few instances of edge enhancement are worth noting for those with a keen eye for detail. Flesh tones are represented with accuracy, adding to the realistic portrayal of characters amidst the fantastical horror settings.

    Overall, this Blu-ray release of "A Encarnação do Demônio" stands out for its ability to balance a consistent and natural color scheme with exceptional detail and texture, making it a desirable addition for both fans of the genre and Blu-ray collectors. While not without its minor flaws, the transfer succeeds in enhancing the viewing experience, capturing the essence of the film’s horror elements through its meticulous presentation of colors, details, and textures. The technical proficiency demonstrated here ensures that the grotesque beauty and chilling ambiance of "A Encarnação do Demônio" are faithfully preserved on Blu-ray.

    Audio: 58

    The DTS-HD MA 5.1 lossless audio track accompanying "Embodiment of Evil" on Blu-Ray effortlessly surpasses its visual counterpart, presenting an audio experience as immersive as it is technically proficient. Synapse Films has crafted a soundtrack that not only excels in delivering a robust and well-rounded aural landscape but also excels in its meticulous attention to the finer details. Music and ambient sound effects are rendered with exceptional clarity and placed within the soundscape with precision, ensuring a balanced and engaging listening experience. The utilization of the entire soundstage enhances both the intense musical scores and the nuanced environmental sounds—ranging from the ominous to the outright terrifying—contributing to a deeply immersive horror atmosphere.

    The audio presentation is distinguished by its dynamic range, showcasing a potent low-end that adds weight to the ominous soundtrack and the startlingly realistic sound effects that define the film's chilling moments. These elements come together to create a visceral audio experience, from the haunting echos of dripping water and creaky metal to the more harrowing sounds of splattering blood and victims’ screams. This carefully engineered mix maintains a commendable balance, ensuring that no aspect of the soundtrack overpowers another, with dialogue remaining clear and perfectly centered throughout.

    Notably, the absence of dubbed language tracks places a greater emphasis on the original Portuguese audio presentation, which, thanks to its clarity and fidelity, offers non-Portuguese speakers an undiluted experience when coupled with English subtitles. This choice aligns with Synapse Films' commitment to presenting "Embodiment of Evil" in a form that both respects the source material and maximizes the auditory impact for an international audience. The result is a sonic experience that not only complements but elevates the visual narrative, making it a memorable component of the overall Blu-Ray offering.

    Extra: 38

    The Blu-ray release of "A Encarnação do Demônio" features a sparse but insightful collection of extras, anchored by a high-quality Making Of featurette. This primary extra provides a deep dive into the creative process behind the film, offering behind-the-scenes footage, discussions on the project's history, and insights into José Mojica Marins's directorial vision. Although the extras list may seem limited, each component, including the Fantasia Film Festival Premiere Footage and the theatrical trailer, adds value by showcasing different facets of the film's journey from development to premiere. The inclusion of a DVD copy ensures that enthusiasts have flexible viewing options, further enhancing the overall package. While succinct, these extras enrich fans' understanding and appreciation of Marins's work.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Making Of Featurette: A comprehensive behind-the-scenes look into the making of the film, including discussions on its style, history, and production challenges.
    • Fantasia Film Festival Premiere Footage: Footage from the film's premiere at the Montreal Fantasia Film Festival, featuring José Mojica Marins.
    • Embodiment of Evil Theatrical Trailer: The original theatrical trailer of the film.
    • DVD Copy: A DVD version of the film for alternative viewing options.

    Movie: 48

    Embodiment of Evil," directed by José Mojica Marins, serves as a contentious sequel to his earlier works from the 1960s, bringing back the nefarious Coffin Joe after a forty-year hiatus. This 2008 follow-up carries forward Joe's sadistic legacy, embodying a blend of grotesquerie and surreal horror that refuses to adhere to any conventional narrative structure. Marins, reprising his role, ventures on a quest to continue his so-called superior lineage, underscored by a ferocious blend of loyalty and lunacy among his followers. The film notably struggles as a standalone piece, leaning heavily on visual shock value over coherent storytelling, with flashbacks to its predecessors further blurring the line between past and present, reality and hallucination.

    "Embodiment of Evil" escalates the horror genre to an unprecedented level of macabre, intertwining gruesomeness with a bizarre tapestry of characters that seems detached from any semblance of time. The anachronisms within Coffin Joe's world, juxtaposed against modern settings, craft a unique visual and thematic dissonance that's as intriguing as it is disturbing. Moreover, the film's audacious gore—rivaling contemporary horror benchmarks—melds repulsion with fascination, as its painstakingly detailed violence begs viewers to look away yet compels them to watch. This dichotomy extends to the film's aesthetic achievements, where splendid cinematography and set designs elevate the grotesque into an art form.

    Marins's performance embodies the titular "embodiment of evil," oscillating between deranged fervor and theatrical hamminess, thereby aligning perfectly with the film’s off-kilter essence. The supporting cast plays into the eccentric narrative with equal parts zeal and mania, reinforcing the film's commitment to its outlandish vision. While "Embodiment of Evil" might not cater to traditional narrative expectations, its audacious blend of horror elements, coupled with Mojica Marins's unapologetic direction, makes it a peculiar gem within the genre. However, viewers are cautioned: the film's intensity in both theme and visual gore is not for the faint-hearted.

    Total: 48

    Embodiment of Evil stands as a perplexing addition to José Mojica Marins’s horror series, permeating an aura of confusion that might only dissipate when watched in tandem with its predecessors. Despite its narrative complexities and reliance on flashbacks to weave its tale, the film commands attention as a pinnacle of unconventional horror. This Blu-ray release by Synapse Films does justice to Marins's vision, offering enthusiasts a package that includes not just a commendable 1080p video transfer but also an immersive lossless audio experience tailored for its native Portuguese dialogues. While it plunges deeper into the realms of macabre than most American horror flicks dare to venture, its allure lies in its uniqueness, destined to resonate with genre connoisseurs seeking the avant-garde.

    The technical aspects of this Blu-ray are noteworthy; the video transfer, while ranging from fair to good, adequately captures the film’s eerie atmosphere and intricate visual details. The high-quality lossless audio track is a significant achievement, ensuring that the auditory experiences are as compelling and nuanced as the visual ones. Additional perks, such as a DVD copy and several extras, enhance the overall value of this release, making it a solid acquisition for the film’s existing fan base. However, potential newcomers are advised to approach with caution, possibly by renting it along with its series companions for a more rounded viewing experience.

    In conclusion, Synapse Films's Blu-ray release of Embodiment of Evil offers a tangible way to appreciate an unusually challenging piece of cinema. It's a film that thrives on its distinctiveness within the horror genre, and this physical release magnifies its strengths through quality presentation and supplementary content. While it undoubtedly appeals more to aficionados familiar with Marins’s oeuvre or those with an appetite for horror’s more esoteric offerings, its presentation here suggests a broader reach, inviting uninitiated viewers into its darkly intricate world—albeit with a recommendation to first acquaint themselves with its cinematic siblings for full effect.