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  • TMNT Blu-ray impresses with top CGI and sound, though extras lack and story scares younger viewers.

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  • Video
  • 'TMNT' Blu-ray dazzles with vivid CG detail and depth, impaired slightly by color banding, yet shines in high-def with a gritty, film-noir aesthetic.

  • Audio
  • The audio mixing of TMNT on Blu-ray and HD DVD features an immersive Dolby TrueHD 5.1 track, delivering crisp vocals, realistic effects, and well-engineered soundscapes, though the PCM may outperform in clarity.

  • Extra
  • The TMNT Blu-ray extras, while technically detailed and featuring standard-def content like alternate scenes and interviews, ultimately leave fans wanting more depth and relevance to the iconic series.

  • Movie
  • Imagi's 'TMNT' blends stunning CG with nostalgic superheroes in a dark, action-packed film, aimed at both new and longtime fans, despite a convoluted plot.

    Video: 71

    The video presentation of "TMNT" on Blu-ray, encoded in 1080p using the VC-1 codec with a 2.4:1 aspect ratio, offers a mixed but largely impressive experience. Despite some critiques of the CGI appearing two-dimensional in certain viewpoints, the overall detail and motion are highly commendable, offering a level of finesse that surpasses expectations from an animated feature. The animation benefits significantly from a high level of detail and texture, from the turtles' skin to Splinter's fur, and the environmental details that confer a gritty and realistic quality to New York's cityscapes. However, it's not without fault; the color palette occasionally appears subdued, resulting in a washed-out look, particularly in scenes set within New York, contributing to a film-noir aesthetic that, while visually interesting, somewhat detracts from the vibrancy expected in animated films.

    One of the highlights, however, comes from specific scenes exemplifying the prowess of high-definition animation – like the neon-lit battle between Leo and Raph in the rain, which showcases exceptional detail in water droplets and ambient light, contributing to a compelling illusion of depth. This attention to detail is consistent throughout, with excellent contrast levels and deep blacks adding to the visual feast. Nevertheless, the video presentation is marred slightly by instances of color banding, noticeable mainly during nighttime scenes. This common issue in high-def animated movies is a minor but present distraction from an otherwise excellent visual delivery.

    In comparison to its standard DVD counterpart, this Blu-ray edition of "TMNT" shines with superior color saturation and meticulous attention to detail. Despite a few setbacks such as color banding and a somewhat muted color scheme in parts, it stands close to being a reference-level achievement in animated high-definition releases. Whether it's the textures on character models or the atmospheric depth of the urban environment, viewers are treated to a visually enriching experience that pushes beyond the boundaries of traditional animated features.

    Audio: 68

    The audio presentation of "TMNT" on Blu-ray showcases a well-engineered soundstage, delivering both immersive and crisp, clear vocals alongside convincingly sharp sound effects. The production notably incorporates a low bass rumble effectively captured by high-quality subwoofers, enriching several scenes with an added layer of auditory depth. This is complemented by the Dolby TrueHD 5.1 audio mix, which impresses with its dynamic range, offering unwavering highs and rumbling lows that push the film's audio to its limits. The sound design prioritizes dialogue within the soundscape while ensuring effects produce convincing impacts across channels. Rear speakers are actively utilized, bringing to life the ambiance and noises of the setting with swift and accurate channel movement. The score's subtle interplay with the overall soundscape enhances the film's narrative moments.

    However, it's worth noting that aficionados of pure PCM might find the audio quality of the Dolby TrueHD track somewhat lacking in comparison, even though it's essential for supporting the 7.1 channel content showcased in TMNT. Despite this minor shortcoming, the mix's strengths lie in its ability to convey mood through its sound design effectively, especially during mystical elements which are accompanied by an immersive hum that adds to the film’s atmosphere. Sword clashes and environmental destruction are rendered with convincing realism, avoiding the trap of overemphasizing volume to simulate impact.

    The mix isn’t without its flaws; some sound effects occasionally feel staged or overly cartoonish, slightly detracting from the film's otherwise realistic styling. While this may not significantly impair the overall audio experience, it’s a noticeable aspect for those seeking complete immersive realism within the animation genre. These moments, although infrequent, subtly remind the audience of the film's animated nature amidst its attempt at a realistic auditory presentation.

    Extra: 53

    The Blu-ray extras for "TMNT" present a mixed bag that leans heavily towards the technical aspects of filmmaking, which might alienate fans looking for more nostalgia or depth in storytelling. The special features, all in 480i/p standard definition, offer a peek behind the curtain with a commentary by writer/director Kevin Munroe that's bogged down by technicalities and a lack of engaging storytelling insights. The alternate opening and ending, alongside a deleted scene, provide minor additions but fail to add substantial value or context. More intriguing are the side-by-side comparisons of storyboards and CGI action, as well as Donny's Digital Data Files, which delve into the animation process and character model details but are too brief to be truly satisfying. TMNT Voice Talent First Look primarily serves as promotional material rather than offering genuine behind-the-scenes insight. Collectively, these extras might hold some interest for animation enthusiasts or completionists but are unlikely to fully satisfy broader fans of the franchise.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Commentary by Kevin Munroe: A detailed look into the technical side of animation.
    • Alternate Opening and Ending: Splinter narrates the turtles' origin; includes a cut ending with Casey Jones and April O'Neil.
    • Deleted Scene: A brief scene extension featuring Michelangelo.
    • Side-by-Side Comparisons of Storyboards and CGI Action: Early ideas versus finalized animation comparisons.
    • Donny's Digital Data Files: A look at the creation of CG turtle models.
    • TMNT Voice Talent First Look: Interviews with the cast and crew.
    • Online Film Trailer: Version of the film's trailer released online.

    Movie: 61

    TMNT" emerges on the Blu-ray scene with a captivating presentation that combines nostalgia with cutting-edge computer graphics, courtesy of Imagi Studios. This adventure, anchored in the sewers of Manhattan and sprawling out into intricately rendered cityscapes and forests, showcases our four ninja protagonists - Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo - in a way never before seen. Amidst their quest to save New York from an ancient threat, the turtles' unique personalities shine through. The balance between respecting the source material and embracing modern animation techniques allows "TMNT" to appeal to both newcomers and long-time fans. The transition from comic book panels to a CGI universe retains the essence of Kevin Eastman's original parody, maintaining the series’ spirit while embarking on a new visual journey.

    The movie navigates through its narrative with swift pacing, necessitated by its modest runtime. Despite the complexity of introducing new villains and aligning them with the turtles' lore, the animation quality smooths over potential narrative pitfalls. The depiction of the turtles themselves is a notable highlight; their movements echo the nimbleness and precision expected of ninjas, a testament to the advancements in CG technology. This animation prowess goes beyond merely enhancing visuals — it injects vitality into the action sequences, making them a spectacle of choreography and intensity that boldly flirts with its PG rating.

    However, "TMNT" is not without its storytelling challenges. The effort to amalgamate new character arcs with the established framework may initially disorient even seasoned followers of the franchise. But, as the story progresses, the film finds its rhythm, presenting a coherent tale that respects its roots while ambitively charting new territory. While certain plot elements could have benefited from further expansion, the film overall delivers an engaging experience that is visually compelling. Through its innovative use of animation and a respect for the intricate dynamics of its titular characters, "TMNT" stands as a tribute to the longevity and adaptability of this beloved franchise.

    Total: 61

    The Blu-ray release of "TMNT" affords enthusiasts and family audiences alike a splendid blend of advanced CGI animation, dynamic voice acting, and engaging narrative themes centered around resilience and familial bonds. Despite occasionally diving into convoluted plot territory, the film distinguishes itself with some of the most spectacularly choreographed animated fight sequences observed in recent years. The high-definition video presentation enhances the menacing yet captivating aesthetic of the animation, ensuring that even the darkest scenes are rendered with clarity, albeit potentially intense for the youngest viewers.

    Technical aspects of this release significantly elevate the viewing experience. The Blu-ray boasts an exceptional video transfer that showcases the intricate details of both characters and environments, making it a visual feast. Furthermore, the Dolby TrueHD audio mix complements the on-screen action perfectly, delivering clear, immersive sound that brings the animated world of "TMNT" to life. However, it's worth noting that while the film excels in visual and auditory presentation, it falls slightly short in offering a comprehensive package of supplemental content, which may leave some enthusiasts wanting more.

    In conclusion, "TMNT" on Blu-ray emerges as a compelling recommendation for fans and newcomers alike. Its strengths lie not only in the high-quality CGI and voice acting but also in the film’s ability to weave important messages within its storyline. Despite its plot complexities and a rather limited set of extras, the outstanding video and audio technicalities make this release a must-have. While it might not achieve the iconic status of superhero legends like Superman or Batman, "TMNT" secures its place as a noteworthy entry in the realm of animated adventures, proving that its heroes stand tall on their own merits.