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TRON: Legacy

Blu Ray

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  • 'Tron: Legacy' Blu-ray enthralls with visuals and sound, a must for fans.

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  • Video
  • Disney's Blu-ray transfers of 'Tron' and 'Legacy' expertly preserve the films' visual styles, offering stunning detail and colors, while 'Legacy's alternating aspect ratios and 3D effects enhance immersion.

  • Audio
  • Disney's Blu-ray releases of 'Tron' and 'Legacy' boast immersive DTS-HD tracks, with 'Legacy's 7.1 enchanting via Daft Punk and precise sound mixing, while 'Tron' provides a faithful yet aged 5.1 experience.

  • Extra
  • The Tron two-movie collection shines on Blu-ray with a mix of nostalgic and new special features, delighting fans with behind-the-scenes insights, interactive experiences, and dedicated content exploring the legacy and future of the iconic franchise.

  • Movie
  • After years, Disney rewards Tron fans with a visually captivating sequel and a Blu-ray set, blending innovative CG with compelling storytelling, honoring the original's legacy.

    Video: 74

    Disney's Blu-ray presentation of "TRON: Legacy" offers a visually arresting experience, consistently showcasing the movie’s razor-sharp detail and vibrant color palette. The 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 transfer flawlessly switches between 2.35:1 and 1.78:1 aspect ratios to preserve the original IMAX theatrical experience, effectively transitioning from the real-world sequences to the strikingly vivid world of the Grid. This choice, while potentially distracting to some viewers, does not detract from the overall impact of the transfer, which is nothing short of breathtaking. The clarity and depth of the image bring every scene to life, with inky blacks, steely colors, and neon lights popping off the screen, creating a nearly three-dimensional effect in a 2D format.

    The transfer remains pristine, free from any significant compression artifacts, banding, or noise—except for a negligible amount that serves more as a testament to the film’s original grain structure than a flaw. This technical proficiency extends to the 3D presentation, hailed as demo-worthy and Disney's best looking disc to date. The 3D effects, particularly in the IMAX sequences, provide an immersive depth that transforms the viewing space into a part of the film’s digital world. Colors maintain their brilliance in both 2D and 3D formats, with no loss of detail or texture, making it an exemplary showcase of the potential of home 3D entertainment.

    In summary, both "TRON: Legacy" presentations on Blu-ray—2D and 3D—are exemplary, setting a high bar for home video releases. The alternation between aspect ratios serves as a faithful rendition of the theatrical experience, while the unmatched detail and vibrant colors fully immerse viewers in the film's dual worlds. The technical execution of this transfer makes it a must-own for fans and a compelling demonstration of Blu-ray's capabilities, ensuring that "TRON: Legacy" remains one of the most visually stunning releases to date.

    Audio: 74

    The audio presentation of "TRON: Legacy" on Blu-ray, orchestrated through Disney's masterful DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 surround track, is nothing short of a tour de force. Daft Punk's iconic score, a pulsating core of the film's drama and kinetic energy, envelops the listener from all directions, creating a magnetizing atmosphere that's both immersive and precise. This meticulous mix skillfully balances the dynamic interplay of music, dialogue, and environmental soundscapes. Dialogue cuts through with clarity and priority, ensuring every spoken word is distinguishable amidst the bustling sounds of the Grid. The LFE channel and rear speakers emerge as unsung heroes, handling bass-rich beats, explosions, and ambient effects with impressive finesse, ensuring a full-bodied audio experience.

    Similarly, while the original "TRON" carries the weight of its years, its DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track faithfully reproduces the essence of its era without compromising the viewing experience. Despite being front-heavy and occasionally letting music overpower dialogue, it delivers a nostalgic sound that aligns harmoniously with the film's aesthetic. The lightcycle race sequence, in particular, stands out for its effective use of bass and surround effects, drawing listeners into the high-speed action.

    For both enthusiasts of crystal-clear dialogue and fans eager to have their living spaces transformed into the heart-pounding arenas of the TRON universe, these soundtracks deliver in spades. "TRON: Legacy" pushes audio boundaries with its razor-sharp sound design and Daft Punk’s electrifying score, leveraging every aspect of the advanced 7.1 setup to produce an enveloping sensory experience. Meanwhile, the original "TRON" serves as a testament to the longevity of its audio presentation, matching its vintage visuals with a soundtrack that's both effective and evocative. Disney's handling of these iconic soundtracks exhibits a keen attention to detail and a deep respect for immersive auditory storytelling, setting a high bar for home audio presentations.

    Extra: 57

    The "TRON: Legacy" Blu-ray extras provide an immersive continuation and expansion of the digital universe fans have come to appreciate, albeit with some minor navigational hiccups. The highlight is "The Next Day: Flynn Lives Revealed," an interactive prologue that vividly extends the movie's storyline beyond its cinematic conclusion, replete with cast appearances, mockumentary segments, and underground movement messages. It cleverly utilizes an arcade-style interface for navigation, though some may find it a tad cumbersome. Other features like "First Look at Tron: Uprising" and "Launching the Legacy" offer sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes viewpoints but are notably brief. "Visualizing TRON" and "Installing the Cast" delve deeper into the sequel's creative process, exploring the sophisticated visual effects, design elements, and cast dynamics. Additionally, "Disc Roars," a unique inclusion, captures the excitement of Comic Con participants who contributed to the movie's arena chants. While the Blu-ray misses out on an audio commentary or Picture-in-Picture experience, Disney's Second Screen feature makes up for it by enabling access to further content via synced devices.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • The Next Day: Flynn Lives Revealed: Experience what happens after the movie ends in this interactive suite.
    • First Look at Tron: Uprising: Sneak peek at the Disney XD animated series.
    • Launching the Legacy: Behind-the-scenes look at the making of "TRON: Legacy".
    • Visualizing Tron: Explores the visual effects and design elements of the sequel.
    • Installing the Cast: Introduces the film's cast and their thoughts on the movie.
    • Disc Roars: A unique feature where Comic Con attendees contribute to the movie's sound design.
    • Music Video: "Derezzed" by Daft Punk.
    • Disney Second Screen: Offers more content via synced devices.

    Movie: 67

    After a hiatus of nearly three decades, "TRON: Legacy" spectacularly resurrects the universe that first captivated audiences in the early '80s, bringing forward a sequel that judiciously rides the light trails of its predecessor while propelling us into a dazzling new realm of visual and thematic depth. Inheriting the mantle, Sam Flynn's odyssey into the digital frontier his father once pioneered unfolds with a narrative that intricately weaves personal discovery with the broader existential discourse of creator and creation - a theme that echoes the original yet finds new resonance against the backdrop of contemporary technological musings. The inclusion of original cast members Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner serves as a solid bridge between the two films, enriching this sequel’s connection to its roots while embracing the advancements in CG technology to elevate the visual spectacle.

    "TRON: Legacy," directed by Joseph Kosinski, is undeniably a visual masterpiece, showcasing a Grid that is far more vivid, intricate, and expansive than could have been imagined in 1982. Where its predecessor broke ground with what was then state-of-the-art computer animation, "Legacy" expands this digital landscape into an overwhelmingly immersive experience, complemented by a striking electronic score by Daft Punk that perfectly encapsulates the essence of this universe. The lightcycle battles and gladiator games return with a modernized fervor that is both a nod to fans of the original and a welcome thrill for newcomers. Yet, beneath its polished surface and eye-catching effects lies a narrative striving to explore profound themes of identity, legacy, and existence within this digitally constructed reality.

    The film is not without its flaws—dialogue occasionally slips into genre cliches, and certain plot elements feel underdeveloped or hastily concluded. But these are minor distractions in what is fundamentally a balancing act between honoring the innovative spirit of "TRON" and pushing its boundaries. "TRON: Legacy" manages to deliver an engaging story that complements its visual feats, offering enough character development, philosophical pondering, and nods to its origins to be more than merely an eye-candy extravaganza. It stands as a worthy successor that respects its lineage while forging its own legacy, appealing to both diehard fans and introducing a new generation to the mesmerizing world of the Grid.

    Total: 69

    TRON: Legacy" on Blu-ray receives a mixed but overall positive consensus among enthusiasts and experts alike. As a sequel and a standalone film, it captivates with its enchanting visuals, an electrifying score by Daft Punk, and commendable performances, offering a more refined experience than its theatrical outing. Despite its shortcomings in storytelling, the Blu-ray edition excels in technical prowess, boasting an impeccable video presentation and an immersive DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 surround track that elevate the viewing experience to remarkable heights. However, the supplemental offerings leave something to be desired; lacking in-depth commentaries or Picture-in-Picture experiences, which may disappoint some die-hard fans seeking a deeper dive into the creation and legacy of the film.

    The physical package itself is a collector's delight, especially for aficionados of the "TRON" series. The definitive collection encompasses "TRON: Legacy" in four different viewing modes along with the original "TRON" making its debut on Blu-ray. Despite the absence of a commentary track for "Legacy," the quality of the 3D video and audio compensate generously, hinting at a potential future release that could possibly include this much-requested feature. With numerous bonus features, particularly for the original film, this five-disc combo pack offers substantial value and entertainment beyond just the films themselves, making it an essential addition to any collection.

    In conclusion, "TRON: Legacy" on Blu-ray stands out as a must-own for both fans of the franchise and newcomers alike. While it may falter slightly in narrative depth and supplementary content, the exceptional audiovisual presentation and the inclusion of both "Legacy" and the original "TRON" in a single package make this release a compelling purchase. Whether you're revisiting the digital realm or entering it for the first time, this Blu-ray edition offers a comprehensive and thrilling experience that celebrates the legacy of "TRON" in spectacular fashion.