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  • Score: 61

    from 1 reviewers

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  • Immaculate's horror ambitions falter with B-movie execution and flat performances, marred by formulaic writing and lethargic direction despite its bloody moments.

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  • Video: 66

  • The AVC encoded 2.00:1 image for 'Immaculate' effectively handles its gothic interiors and textured settings, though it occasionally struggles with compression artifacts like banding and mild posterization. Despite these issues, colors are well-preserved, with natural skin tones and distinct greenery.

  • Audio: 71

  • The 5.1 DTS-HD MA mix delivers crisp dialogue and balanced emotional undertones, with clear scoring cues and defined instrumentation. Choral offerings and atmospherics enhance spatial depth, and sound effects are effectively utilized, complemented by a robust low-end during violent scenes.

  • Extra: 56

  • Director Michael Mohan's commentary enriches the Blu Ray extras of 'Immaculate,' though its value is slightly diminished by the omission of a theatrical trailer.

  • Movie: 51

  • Immaculate," Michael Mohan's nunsploitation thriller, struggles to engage, blending Catholic oppression with macabre elements yet failing to deliver suspense or compelling character arcs. Sydney Sweeney’s understated performance and a script by Andrew Lobel lacking in fresh concepts further hinder the film's impact.


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