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Taxi Driver

4K Ultra HD

Blu Ray

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  • Taxi Driver's timeless impact shines in its stunning 4K UHD release, a must-have.

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  • Video
  • Taxi Driver's 4K UHD Blu-ray restoration showcases stunning clarity, vivid colors, and authentic grain from the original 35mm negatives, rendering it a definitive home video format spectacle.

  • Audio
  • The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix, praised for its clarity and depth, solidly supports Taxi Driver's ambiance, though it remains front-heavy and occasionally muddies dialogue.

  • Extra
  • Taxi Driver's comprehensive Blu-ray and UHD release offers deep dives with Scorsese and cast, extensive extras, tributes, and a bonus disc of classic shorts, encapsulating the film's legacy and craft.

  • Movie
  • 'Taxi Driver' delves into the descent of Travis Bickle, a disturbed veteran navigating loneliness and violence in 1970s New York, brilliantly captured by Scorsese and De Niro.

    Video: 95

    The video presentation of "Taxi Driver" on 4K UHD Blu-ray offers an exemplary showcase of the film's gritty, yet beautifully melancholic aesthetic, capitalizing on a meticulous restoration process from the original 35mm camera negatives. With a restored resolution of 3840 x 2160p, the disc utilizes HDR10 and Dolby Vision in combination with a Wide Color Gamut (WCG), providing an image that is both vivid and faithful to the movie’s original vision. The use of the HEVC (H.265) codec ensures that the film's inherent film grain is preserved, enhancing rather than detracting from the clarity and detail present. Notably, the grain structure maintains the film's original character, lending an organic texture that complements the stark urban landscape of 1970s New York. The treatment of colors is particularly noteworthy; Dolby Vision grading breathes new life into the neon-soaked streets and dimly lit interiors, striking a delicate balance that retains the film's dark tonal atmosphere without compromising on vibrancy.

    Detail and clarity stand out as major improvements over previous releases. Close-ups reveal unparalleled texture in facial features, clothing, and the grimy cityscape, highlighting the advancements in scanning technology utilized during the restoration process. The improved sharpness and detail extend to even the furthest shot, making every frame a testament to the capabilities of modern home video presentations. The enhancement in black levels is remarkable, with deep, rich blacks that contribute significantly to the film's mood without sacrificing detail in shadows. This results in a picture that captures the essence of Travis Bickle’s isolating journey through a neon-lit purgatory with exceptional depth and realism.

    Conclusively, Sony's release of "Taxi Driver" on 4K UHD Blu-ray is nothing short of spectacular, setting a new standard for film transfers in the digital age. From the handling of the film's grain structure to the radiant display of colors afforded by Dolby Vision HDR, each aspect of the video presentation underscores a profound respect for preserving cinematic history while embracing the technological advancements of today. Although certain sequences, like the climactic shootout, inherently present limitations due to their original filming conditions, the overall transfer triumphs as a remarkable achievement. It is an essential upgrade for aficionados and a remarkable example of how far home video restoration has evolved, ensuring that "Taxi Driver" continues to leave an indelible mark on audiences for years to come.

    Audio: 91

    The 4K UHD Blu-Ray release of "Taxi Driver" features the same English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track that audiences have previously experienced, favoring precision and a front-heavy mix that accentuates dialogue and street ambiance with remarkable clarity. As noted across various inputs, the mix doesn't strive for the modern Dolby Atmos or DTS:X standards but instead refines its existing qualities to offer a detailed audio landscape. Bernard Herrmann’s iconic score benefits immensely from this treatment, with the surround speakers bringing to life the music's depth and subtleties, offering listeners an enveloping experience albeit with a mix that tends to prioritize the front channels. Some critics point out slight muddiness in dialogue in specific instances and a treble-heavy treatment that, while fitting the film’s gritty aesthetic, might not suit all ears.

    The bass tones in this mix are notably well-defined, injecting a palpable sense of weight into scenes of tension and drama, and providing an explosive backdrop to the climactic shootout. This detailed low-end performance complements the overall audio presentation, ensuring that ambient sound effects and musical scores receive the depth and resonance needed to enhance the visual experience. The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 soundtrack's design might lean heavily on its front channels, yet it uses the surrounds effectively to craft a lived-in ambiance for the environments Travis Bickle moves through, from bustling streets to tense, quiet interiors.

    Listeners with sophisticated home theater systems, especially those embodying setups like an Atmosphere ceiling or using receivers capable of Dolby Surround or DTS: Neural:X up-mixing, may find this track offers a more immersive experience than expected by creatively spreading audio elements across the available soundstage. Vocals remain a highlight throughout the mix—crisp, clear, and well-prioritized—ensuring dialogue is always front and center. While some may argue the lack of a more advanced audio format like Dolby Atmos is a missed opportunity, the existing 5.1 mix presents a robust, engaging soundscape that respects the film's original audio integrity and atmospheric essence.

    Extra: 95

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray of "Taxi Driver" delivers an immersive collection of extras that beautifully complement the film's legacy. On the UHD disc, enthusiasts will find an in-depth 71-minute making-of documentary, offering comprehensive insights into the film's production with contributions from the cast and crew. A distinct addition is a concise introduction to storyboards by Martin Scorsese himself, followed by a detailed storyboard-to-film comparison, enriching fans' understanding of Scorsese’s cinematic vision. The extras are thoughtfully divided between the UHD and the included Blu-ray disc, with the latter featuring a range of commentaries, including the original 1986 Criterion Collection commentary by Scorsese and writer Paul Schrader, enriching the viewing experience with their invaluable perspectives. A notable highlight is the 40-minute Q&A from the Tribeca Film Festival, celebrating the 40th anniversary with key cast members. Extras are carefully curated to enhance the appreciation of this cinematic masterpiece, supplemented by photo galleries, a trailer for the 20th-anniversary re-release, and a selection of engaging discussions on various thematic elements of the film. This edition, part of Columbia Classics Collection: Volume 2, vividly captures the essence and influence of "Taxi Driver", making it a must-have for cinephiles.

    Extras included in this disc:

    Making Taxi Driver: An in-depth documentary exploring the production.

    Intro to Storyboards by Martin Scorsese: Scorsese's personal introduction to the storyboard comparison.

    Storyboard to Film Comparison: A detailed look at how storyboards translated to the final film.

    Galleries: A collection of photo galleries offering behind-the-scenes looks.

    20th Anniversary Re-Release Trailer: The newly included trailer for this release.

    Audio Commentary with Director Martin Scorsese and Writer Paul Schrader: Recorded by the Criterion Collection, offering insights from the creators.

    Audio Commentary with Professor Robert Kolker: A scholarly perspective on the film.

    Audio Commentary with Writer Paul Schrader: Additional insights from the film's writer.

    Tribeca Film Festival 40th Anniversary Q&A: A significant reunion featuring discussions with Scorsese, De Niro, Foster, and more.

    Producing Taxi Driver: Insights into the production process.

    God’s Lonely Man: Exploration of themes within the film.

    Influence and Appreciation: A Martin Scorsese Tribute: Celebrating Scorsese’s influence through "Taxi Driver".

    Taxi Driver Stories: Tales from behind the scenes.

    Martin Scorsese on Taxi Driver: Scorsese’s reflections on his iconic film.

    Travis’ New York: The real-life locations that inspired the movie’s backdrop.

    Travis’ New York Locations: A closer look at where "Taxi Driver" was filmed.

    Theatrical Trailer: Original promotional material for the film.

    Movie: 96

    Martin Scorsese's "Taxi Driver," masterfully presented in 4K UHD Blu-ray, enshrines the film’s critical position in the annals of 1970s cinema—a decade revered for its gritty realism and bold storytelling. The movie's remastering on this format is nothing short of remarkable, affording viewers an immersive dive into the chaotic underbelly of New York City, illuminated with a level of detail that accentuates every nuance of Robert De Niro’s iconic portrayal of Travis Bickle. This lonely, unstable Vietnam veteran’s spiral into vigilante madness is rendered with stark clarity, capturing the essence of his psyche through meticulously crafted visuals and Bernard Herrmann’s haunting score, the latter being indispensable to the film's atmospheric tension and thematic depth.

    The key narrative elements and character arcs are maintained with integrity in this presentation, underscoring Scorsese’s adept direction and Paul Schrader's potent script. De Niro’s performance as Bickle, a man teetering on the brink of sanity, is amplified by the high-definition restoration, bringing an increased focus to his subtle gestures and interactions—the uneasy attempts at forging a connection with Cybill Shepherd’s Betsy and the protective instinct towards Jodie Foster’s Iris encountered through the confines of his taxi. Such scenes gain an enhanced poignancy, set against a meticulously restored backdrop of a decaying New York, whose grittiness becomes a character in itself under the vivid Dolby Vision enhancement.

    Viewers are treated to a visual feast that preserves Scorsese's original framing and cinematography, ensuring that none of Bickle’s descent into madness is lost. The nuanced presentation highlights the 1970s aesthetic—each frame reaffirms the film’s commentary on isolation and urban decay. Essential scenes, like Bickle’s infamous mirror monologue or the chaotic culmination of his pent-up rage, are given new life. This 4K UHD Blu-ray doesn’t just offer an upgrade in visual quality but serves as a time capsule that underscores why "Taxi Driver" remains a monumental work in film history—a veritable study in loneliness, morality, and the human condition, showcased through Scorsese's unflinching lens.

    Total: 95

    The 4K UHD Blu-ray release of "Taxi Driver" is an exemplary showcase of how classic cinema can be revitalized through modern technology, ensuring its indelible impact persists. This release is hailed across reviews for delivering a potent combination of visual and auditory excellence, encapsulated within the raw and gritty world that director Martin Scorsese and lead actor Robert De Niro meticulously crafted. The transfer to native 4K is not only visually stunning, maintaining the film's original aesthetic and texture with enhanced clarity and vivid coloring but also retains its powerful DTS-HD 5.1 audio track, ensuring the film's atmospheric essence is preserved. Furthermore, despite no significant changes in audio or supplemental materials, the existing suite of extras remains comprehensive, providing invaluable insights into the film’s creation and legacy.

    Critically acclaimed for its exploration of American political angst and lower-class anxieties, "Taxi Driver's" presentation in 4K UHD emphasizes its uncomfortable authenticity and enduring relevance. The technical prowess of Sony’s release has been noted to surpass expectations, providing a dazzling visual experience that significantly betters prior Blu-ray versions without altering the fundamental elements that have made the film a masterpiece of cinema. This release, part of the Columbia Classics Collection Volume II, is lauded as a must-have for both enthusiasts and newcomers to the film, highlighting its status as one of the best discs on the market.

    In conclusion, the 4K UHD Blu-ray release of "Taxi Driver" epitomizes the pinnacle of home cinema presentation. It respects and enhances the original cinematic experience with a stunning visual upgrade and a powerful audio track, complemented by an extensive collection of extras. This release not only pays homage to the film’s iconic status but also serves as a testament to the importance of preserving cinematic history for future generations. For any cinephile, this edition of "Taxi Driver" is an essential addition to their collection, merging technical excellence with uncompromised storytelling to breathtaking effect.