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Raiders of the Lost Ark

4K Ultra HD Blu-ray

  • Score: 77

    from 4 reviewers

    Review Date:

  • Raiders: timeless adventure, stellar 4K sets & art; extras vary by edition.

    Raiders of the Lost Ark 4K UHD Blu-ray Front Cover

    Disc Release Date

    True 4K


    Dolby Vision

    Dolby Atmos

    Dolby TrueHD

  • Video: 94

  • The UK 4K release of 'Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark' dazzles with native 4K, HDR, and Dolby Vision, significantly enhancing visuals while maintaining the film's original essence.

  • Audio: 91

  • Indiana Jones' 4K Blu-ray features a stunning Dolby Atmos upgrade, with immersive, high-quality audio preserving the original's essence, enhanced by meticulous restoration.

  • Extra: 81

  • Paramount's UK Indiana Jones 4-movie Collection dazzles with a comprehensive 9-disc set, rich in art and unmatched in extras, especially on the 9th disc brimming with over 40-minute documentaries and a wealth of behind-the-scenes content.

  • Movie: 95

  • Raiders of the Lost Ark, a groundbreaking adventure film, masterfully combining classic serials' charm with thrilling action and iconic performances, remains a timeless classic and pop culture phenomenon, inspiring sequels and captivating audiences worldwide.


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