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Goin' South

4K Ultra HD Blu-ray

  • Score: 86

    from 3 reviewers

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  • Goin' South's charm, led by Nicholson, shines in 4K, celebrating its quirks and genre love.

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    True 4K


  • Video: 93

  • Goin' South's 4K UHD release boasts a vibrant, filmic restoration with rich colors, natural details, and well-preserved grain, capturing the Old West's essence beautifully without digital artifacts.

  • Audio: 89

  • The 2.0 DTS-HD MA mixes provide clear, balanced dialogue, sharp scoring, and basic but appreciable sound effects, with minimal distortion or noise, maintaining the films' vintage qualities effectively.

  • Extra: 85

  • This release, packed with in-depth essays and video essays including insights from Nickolson experts and critics, offers a comprehensive look at 'Goin’ South,' its production, and its place in film history.

  • Movie: 80

  • 'Goin' South' showcases Nicholson's eclectic directorial style, blending Western tropes with humor and chaos, yet struggles with narrative coherence and audience engagement.