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  • Despite mixed feelings on 'Frankenweenie,' its Blu-ray shines in quality and charm.

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  • Video
  • Frankenweenie's 1080p/AVC presentation dazzles with flawless detail, vibrant contrast, and deep blacks, offering a lifelike depth that makes its black and white homage pop with exceptional clarity and realism.

  • Audio
  • Frankenweenie's Blu-ray delivers an immersive DTS-HD Master Audio experience with crystal-clear dialogue, dynamic effects, and Elfman's engaging score, encapsulating both horror and whimsy.

  • Extra
  • Explore the in-depth production of Frankenweenie, tour its global exhibit, dive into the original short, enjoy a bonus animation, and rock out to a music video alongside previews, all revealing the film's detailed artistry and creative journey.

  • Movie
  • Tim Burton's 'Frankenweenie,' an expanded, stop-motion remake of his 1984 short, mixes heartwarming moments and classic horror homage but loses some emotional connection.

    Video: 81

    Frankenweenie's Blu-ray video presentation elevates the viewing experience to extraordinary heights with its impeccable 1080p/AVC-encoded transfer. The film, despite its black and white color palette, retains a vibrancy and depth that is nothing short of remarkable. Details are striking across the board; from the fine textures of clothing, models, and sets, to the intricately designed characters and environments, every element is showcased with pristine clarity. Ultra-fine lines and minor blemishes on the figurines inject a lifelike realism into the stop-motion animation, making it a feast for the eyes. Blacks are deep and true, contributing to an image with significant depth and a three-dimensional feel, despite the 2D format. Grayscale gradations are executed flawlessly, enhancing the overall visual experience without compromising on detail.

    The film's visual fidelity maintains a consistent quality, with clean edges and an absence of common video artifacts such as macroblocking, banding, or noise, ensuring a smooth and immersive viewing experience. Close-up shots reveal the meticulous work put into each character and set piece, emphasizing textures and subtle details like individual hairs moving in the wind or the stitching on baseball caps. The contrast is vibrant and unwavering, with brilliant whites showcasing background elements with exceptional clarity, even in extreme wide shots. This high-definition transfer does justice to the homage of horror classics, presenting Frankenweenie in a light that accentuates its thematic and aesthetic strengths.

    Overall, Frankenweenie's Blu-ray video presentation is a technical marvel, enhancing the film's unique visual style and storytelling. The attention to detail, combined with superior contrast, sharpness, and depth, makes this release a must-view. It demonstrates how a careful and thoughtful video transfer can breathe new life into the viewing experience, making it as compelling as the narrative itself. Whether one is a fan of the story or appreciates the art of animation, this high-definition presentation is an exemplary showcase of what modern home media technology can achieve.

    Audio: 74

    The audio presentation of "Frankenweenie" on Blu-ray is an exemplary display of auditory craftsmanship, showcasing a stunning DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 surround track that envelops viewers into the heart of New Holland with clarity, depth, and precision. The dialogue remains crystal clear and well-centered throughout, ensuring that every word is heard even amidst the most chaotic scenes, thanks to impeccable voice prioritization and a dynamic range that penetrates the room with the distinctness of each sound. The original sound design's slightly detached quality does nothing to diminish the immersive experience, as the LFE channel astutely balances subtlety with moments of authoritative low-end power, enhancing the atmospheric tension without overwhelming.

    Audio effects bring the town to life with an aggressive rear speaker activity that immaculately recreates natural ambience and engaging environmental sounds. From the gentle buzz of school hours to the climactic roar of billowing flames and crumbling structures, the soundfield is expansive and consuming. The orchestration of Danny Elfman's musical score further enriches the listening experience, weaving between circus-like whimsy and gothic undertones with vivid clarity and an expansive front imaging that adds to the overall depth of scenes. Thunder and lightning effects crack with deafening realism, evenly spreading across all seven speakers and demonstrating the soundtrack's dynamic versatility and technical excellence.

    Low-frequency effects are responsive, lending a substantial presence to scenes requiring a more robust audio impact, while maintaining a harmonious balance with the softer, more subtle atmospherics in quieter moments. The consistent background fill by Elfman's score, combined with precise actor voice reproduction and the strategic use of silence and sound, crafts an engaging family horror audio experience that showcases technical prowess and artistic sensitivity in equal measure.

    Extra: 49

    The "Frankenweenie" Blu-ray extras present an intensive foray into the creative process behind Tim Burton's unique cinematic vision, with standout pieces being the original live-action short and the detailed "Miniatures in Motion" documentary. These extras do an exemplary job dissecting the meticulous stop-motion animation process, offering fans and newcomers alike a comprehensive glimpse into the filmmaking experience — from the expansive storytelling enriched by voice performances to the complex construction of miniature sets and models. While some may desire a more in-depth commentary or a lengthier documentary, the available content, including the touring exhibit and additional short films, richly compensates, making it essential viewing for appreciators of Burton's work and animation aficionados.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Miniatures in Motion: Bringing Frankenweenie to Life: In-depth production documentary exploring the film's creation.
    • Frankenweenie Touring Exhibit: A look at sketches, models, and other production materials.
    • Original Live-Action Frankenweenie Short: Tim Burton's 1984 original short film.
    • Captain Sparky vs. The Flying Saucers: An animated short film set within the Frankenweenie universe.
    • Music Video: Performance by The Plain White T's of "Pet Sematary."
    • Trailers & Sneak Peeks: Previews for various Disney films and series.

    Movie: 64

    Tim Burton's reimagined "Frankenweenie," an expansion of his own 1984 live-action short transformed into a full-fledged stop-motion animation, represents a commendable yet imperfect attempt at blending nostalgia with contemporary cinematic craftsmanship. Whereas the original short resonated through its simplicity and emotional core, the feature-length adaptation, despite a stunning visual presentation boasting of hand-crafted artistry and impressive production designs, falters in translating its heart into the expanded narrative. At 87 minutes, the film struggles with pacing and fails to inject the same life into its characters as it does in its undead pets, leaving much of the emotional potential of its central boy-and-his-dog tale unfulfilled.

    The film’s homage to classic horror cinema, alongside Burton's well-known macabre aesthetic, does offer a playground for aficionados of the genre and stop-motion animation. Clever references and nods to iconic horror tropes and films are intricately woven throughout the story, showcasing Burton's flair for the visually striking and thematically rich. However, the screenplay buckles under the ambition of expanding a narrative that perhaps was best left succinct. The emotional disconnect between the voice actors and their puppet counterparts further dilutes the potential for a resonant impact, rendering a beautifully offbeat stage populated by characters that struggle to captivate.

    "Frankenweenie" shines in moments through its artful allegiance to Burton's eerie yet whimsical universe and sparkles of genuine creativity in resurrecting the charm of stop-motion animation. Yet, it meanders through its extended runtime with an uneasy mix of angst-ridden fluff and macabre filler. For all its technical finesse and moments of splendor, the film serves as a testament to Burton's imaginative vision albeit one clouded by its ambition to stretch beyond its most compelling elements – the simple, timeless story of a boy and his dog.

    Total: 71

    Frankenweenie," the stop-motion homage to classic horror cinema directed by Tim Burton, has landed on Blu-ray with a presentation that aims to captivate the hearts of movie enthusiasts and Burton fans alike. While the feature itself receives mixed critiques - with some viewing it as a marked decline in Burton's imaginative prowess, lamenting its lack of the heartfelt, human touch present in his early works – the technical presentation of Disney's Blu-ray release is widely applauded. The film, an attempt at expanding a more emotionally rich short film into a feature-length narrative, might not resonate as powerfully as intended, but the Blu-ray compensates with an outstanding video quality, impressive DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 surround track, and a reasonably solid supplemental package highlighted by a first-rate production documentary.

    Despite the divergent opinions on the storytelling and emotional engagement of "Frankenweenie", the Blu-ray edition stands out for its remarkable technical specifications that breathe life into this macabre tale. It's praised for its reference-quality video presentation and excellent lossless audio that together ensure an immersive viewing experience. Moreover, the bonus materials, though viewed as somewhat lacking, offer valuable insights, particularly through the inclusion of a well-produced documentary that fans of Burton will appreciate. The nods to classic horror embedded within the narrative, alongside the visually captivating stop-motion animation, make for a peculiar yet fascinating blend that aligns well with Burton's unique aesthetic.

    In conclusion, the Blu-ray release of "Frankenweenie" may well rekindle interest in Burton's imaginative but flawed narrative through its superior audiovisual quality and thoughtful selection of bonus content. The presentation does justice to the stop-motion animation, enriching the viewing experience and offering something for both audiophiles and cinephiles. Even if the film might not reach the heights of Burton's earlier triumphs in terms of storytelling, the Blu-ray edition ensures that "Frankenweenie" is a visual and auditory delight, making it a recommended addition to any Burton aficionado's collection.