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4K Ultra HD Blu-ray

  • Score: 82

    from 7 reviewers

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  • Midway's retelling gets mixed reviews for its portrayal and script, but shines in 4K UHD quality.

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    True 4K


    Dolby Vision

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    Dolby TrueHD

  • Video: 90

  • Midway's 4K UHD Blu-ray showcases vibrant colors and crisp details despite being upscaled from 2K DI, with added filmic grain and HDR enhancing visuals.

  • Audio: 94

  • Midway's Dolby Atmos mix is a thrilling, immersive audio frenzy with precise, dynamic use and full speaker workout in action scenes, maintaining clear dialogue and robust bass.

  • Extra: 80

  • Lionsgate's 'Midway' UHD release impresses with diverse extras, blending dry audio commentary and solid historical featurettes, though quality varies.

  • Movie: 76

  • Emmerich's *Midway* juxtaposes robust action with historical fidelity, underscoring human valor amidst war's devastation, albeit marred by clichés and an overcrowded cast.