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A Dangerous Method

Blu Ray

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  • A Dangerous Method: An intellectually stimulating, well-crafted film with superb acting, visuals, and sound. Highly recommended.

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  • Video
  • A Dangerous Method's 1080p transfer astounds with its stunning clarity, natural detail, and vibrant colors, exemplifying Sony's high-quality Blu-ray releases.

  • Audio
  • A Dangerous Method's DTS-HD MA 5.1 audio expertly balances subtle nuances, ambient sounds, and crisp music, delivering precise dialogue and a captivating ambiance that enhances the film's mood.

  • Extra
  • Cronenberg enriches 'A Dangerous Method' with insightful commentary, revealing talks, and history, making the extras a must for fans and cinema scholars alike.

  • Movie
  • A Dangerous Method explores the complex birth of psychoanalysis, contrasting the inner turmoil and repressed desires of its characters with polished visuals, while delving into the minds of Jung, Freud, and Spielrein amidst scientific and moral dilemmas.

    Video: 80

    Sony's release of "A Dangerous Method" on Blu-ray showcases an exceptional 1080p transfer that emphasizes its commitment to delivering visually striking high-definition content. The movie's video presentation is notable for its stunning clarity and attention to detail, captivating viewers from the opening scenes. The precision in rendering textures—ranging from the nuanced surfaces of paper, skin, clothing, to the natural environment—contributes to a lifelike and immersive viewing experience. This meticulousness extends to the detailed portrayal of landscapes and scenes, where individual elements such as leaves and pebbles are displayed with remarkable distinctness. The transfer's adept handling of color balance enhances the visual feast, presenting a spectrum of hues that accentuates the mood and setting of the film. Coupled with consistently natural flesh tones and deep, well-defined blacks, the video quality maintains a cinematic richness, complemented by a subtle film grain that adds texture without detracting from the sharpness and depth of the image.

    The Blu-ray rendition faithfully encapsulates David Cronenberg's intended atmosphere, benefitting greatly from Peter Suschitzky's cinematography. The shadow-infused visuals are rendered with crystal clarity, allowing for an evocative play of light and darkness that underscores the narrative's tension and psychological depth. Scenes are illuminated by the delicate interplay of natural light, showcasing the excellent contrast capabilities of the transfer. Detailed observations, such as the intricacies of facial features—including prosthetics that are indistinguishable from real skin—underscore the high-definition consideration given during the movie's production. The portrayal of Freud's cigar smoke and the vivid textures of Vienna's architecture further demonstrate the transfer's success in capturing and enhancing the film's aesthetic nuances.

    Overall, "A Dangerous Method" Blu-ray video presentation stands as a testament to Sony's prowess in producing top-tier high-definition transfers. The combination of flawless detail, vibrant coloration, and meticulous contrast management results in a visually captivating experience that does justice to the film's artistic vision. Without noticeable issues like banding or aliasing to detract from its quality, this release is indeed another jewel in Sony's Blu-ray collection, offering viewers a pristine window into Cronenberg's exploration of psychoanalysis' complex history.

    Audio: 75

    A Dangerous Method" boasts an impressive DTS-HD MA 5.1 lossless audio track that, while perhaps not the most bombastic listening experience, offers a masterclass in subtlety and nuance. The soundscape is constructed with a meticulous attention to detail, allowing ambient noises such as the trot of horses, the bustling activity of a shipyard, and the serene outdoor atmosphere to emanate cleanly and naturally through the channels. The track takes full advantage of the spatial dynamics available in a multichannel setup, ensuring a thoroughly immersive experience. Howard Shore's original score, though not awarded as his work on "Hugo," proves equally compelling, enriching the film's atmosphere with its depth and complexity. The low-end tones provided by the score keep the subwoofer engaged, while its integration into the rear speakers weaves an enveloping sonic environment that draws viewers deeper into the narrative's emotional landscape.

    Central to this auditory experience is the crisp, clear handling of dialogue through the front and center channels, a crucial element given the film's dialogue-intensive nature. Voices are delivered with crystal clarity, ensuring that every word is audible and contributing to the overall narrative impact. The mix's dedication to capturing the slightest of sounds—be it the crunching of gravel underfoot or the subdued efforts of characters in more intense moments—adds a striking layer of authenticity and presence. Despite a somewhat limited use of surround sound material through the rear speakers, this restraint does not detract from the track's effectiveness. Instead, it emphasizes the mix’s intention to focus more on the subtleties of sound rather than overwhelming the audience with audio bravado.

    Through its balanced distribution of ambient sounds, music, and dialogue, "A Dangerous Method's" audio presentation stands out for its detailed and nuanced approach. It deftly supports the film's mood and storytelling, serving as an exemplary model of how sound can enhance cinematic narrative without resorting to sensory overload. This track is yet another testament to Sony's commitment to high-quality audio presentations, offering an engaging and meticulously crafted auditory experience that perfectly complements the film's intricate exploration of character and theme.

    Extra: 53

    The Blu-ray extras for "A Dangerous Method" enrich the viewing experience notably, providing a comprehensive look into the film's creation, David Cronenberg's directorial vision, and the historical context of the narrative. The standout feature is undoubtedly Cronenberg's audio commentary, offering a meticulous breakdown of the filmmaking process, casting decisions, and the historical accuracy of the portrayed characters. It's complemented by the in-depth AFI seminar, where Cronenberg delves further into his creative decisions and rapport with the actors, especially Viggo Mortensen. Although the making-of featurette falls slightly short, being more promotional than informative, it still offers glimpses into the cast's perspectives. These extras not only cater to fans of the film but also those intrigued by early psychoanalysis, providing both historical insights and a peek behind the cinematic curtain.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Audio Commentary: Director David Cronenberg's insightful commentary blending film-making insights with historical context.
    • The Making of A Dangerous Method: Features cast and crew discussions on various aspects of production.
    • AFI's Harold Lloyd Master Seminar with David Cronenberg: A comprehensive interview with Cronenberg discussing a broad range of topics related to the film.
    • A Dangerous Method Theatrical Trailer: The official trailer of the film.
    • Previews: Sneak peeks at additional Sony titles.
    • BD-Live: Access to online-related content for the film.

    Movie: 70

    A Dangerous Method," directed by David Cronenberg, meticulously navigates the complex birth of psychoanalysis through the interconnected lives of Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender), Sigmund Freud (Viggo Mortensen), and their troubled but brilliant patient Sabina Spielrein (Keira Knightley). Set against the backdrop of the early 20th century, the film delves into the cluttered human psyche, exploring themes of moral and scientific dilemmas that arise in the pioneering days of psychological exploration. Cronenberg, known for his visceral storytelling, takes a more subdued, yet equally engaging approach, focusing on the character dynamics and ideological conflicts between Jung and Freud, two titans of modern psychology.

    The narrative unfolds with the arrival of Spielrein at Jung's clinic, her mind a labyrinth of repressed trauma and brilliance waiting to be unleashed. Through Jung's innovative use of Freud's psychoanalytic methods, we witness not only Sabina's metamorphosis but also the evolving professional and personal relationship between Jung and Freud. Their intellectual camaraderie is tested as Jung navigates his professional responsibilities and his complicated feelings for Sabina, challenging Freud's established doctrines. This tension is mirrored in the visual contrast between the film's polished external world and the murky depths of human unconsciousness it seeks to explore.

    Performance-wise, Knightley delivers a formidable portrayal of Spielrein, her transformation central to both the narrative and thematic fabric of the movie. Fassbender and Mortensen excel as Jung and Freud, respectively, bringing intellectual verve and nuanced humanity to these historical figures. The film's engagement with its complex characters and philosophical inquiries makes it a dense yet rewarding experience that requires—and deserves—viewers' full attention. Cronenberg's direction ensures that "A Dangerous Method" is not just a historical account but a resonant exploration of the eternal struggle to understand the human mind.

    Total: 68

    A Dangerous Method" emerges as a classical and intellectually engaging piece of cinema, uniquely exploring the vast intricacies of the human psyche. Directed by David Cronenberg, this film departs from his usual style, opting for a dialogue-driven narrative set within a period backdrop. However, it does not lose an iota of rhythm or purpose, instead using its platform to intricately dissect and reassemble the human mind. The film is visually stunning, with exceptional photography, meticulous costume and set design, and delivers performances of utmost precision. Sony's Blu-ray presentation enhances this experience significantly, boasting of pristine video quality and immersive audio that together highlight the movie's nuanced atmosphere and detailed period setting.

    The film's exploration of psychoanalysis, while potentially niche, proves universally captivating, underscoring Cronenberg's deft handling of character over conventional plot dynamics. The trio of leading performances further elevates the narrative, drawing the viewer deeper into the complex relationships and psychological undercurrents at play. The Blu-ray edition from Sony does justice to these elements, offering viewers both visually and audibly striking experiences that complement the film's aesthetic and thematic richness. A few well-curated extras included in the release add further value, making it a commendable addition to any collection.

    In conclusion, "A Dangerous Method" on Blu-ray is an outstanding release that presents the film in its best light. With its intellectual rigor, impeccable production values, and remarkable clarity in both visual and audio presentations, it stands as a highly recommended experience. Whether you are deeply interested in the themes of psychoanalysis or are simply in pursuit of a film that prioritizes rich character development and storytelling finesse, this Blu-ray release is sure to satisfy.