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Office Christmas Party

4K Ultra HD

Blu Ray

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  • Office Christmas Party UHD review: great video, lackluster audio & extras disappoint.

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  • Video
  • Office Christmas Party's UHD transfer enhances clarity, detail, and color, offering a significantly improved viewing experience over Blu-ray, particularly in Dolby Vision.

  • Audio
  • Paramount's UHD release of Office Christmas Party features a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 soundtrack, a step down from the Blu-ray's 7.1, raising questions about the downgrade despite its decent quality and sufficient clarity, even in dialogue-heavy scenes.

  • Extra
  • The UHD release of Office Christmas Party features legacy extras on Blu-ray, lacks supplements on UHD but includes digital copy, non-embossed slipcover, audio commentary, a featurette, outtakes, and deleted scenes.

  • Movie
  • Paramount's 'Office Christmas Party' UHD release features 2160p/Dolby Vision, shifts to 5.1 audio, includes the Blu-ray with all extras and both cuts. The film humorously depicts a chaotic party aimed to save Zenotek from being shut down by CEO Carol Vanstone.

    Video: 71

    Office Christmas Party" shines anew on 4K UHD Blu-ray, boasting a 2160p/Dolby Vision UHD transfer that significantly enhances its visual presentation over the Blu-ray version, which itself has held up well over time. The upgrade brings a noticeable improvement in image clarity, particularly in the detailing of facial features and clothing textures, where every thread and stubble appear more defined. Although the enhancements are not groundbreaking, they are consistent and impactful across various scenes, making for a visibly clearer and more immersive viewing experience. This is most evident in well-lit environments and less chaotic scenes, where the increased resolution and sharper details truly come to the fore, enhancing viewer immersion and appreciation for the film's visual storytelling.

    The addition of Dolby Vision color grading dramatically elevates the visual narrative, injecting a new lease of life into the palette that was somewhat muted on the Blu-ray. From the get-go, colors appear brighter, more vivid, and significantly richer, transforming the film's aesthetic and mood. Notable scenes, such as the conference room at the 14:30 mark, showcase a stark difference in color depth and vibrancy, with clothing and set pieces bursting with color and skin tones shifting from dull to vibrant and lifelike. This enhancement in color dynamics is matched by improvements in white balance and deeper, more nuanced black levels, ensuring that every frame delivers a feast for the eyes without suffering from any encoding or source issues. Overall, this 4K UHD version offers a compelling upgrade that fans of the film will appreciate, especially for its superior color handling and fine-tuned visual clarity.

    Audio: 71

    In the 4K UHD Blu-ray release of "Office Christmas Party," Paramount has opted to furnish the film with a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 lossless soundtrack, a decision that veers away from advancing to a Dolby Atmos track or even preserving the previously available DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 lossless soundtrack found on the Blu-ray version also included in this package. This choice presents an intriguing turn in Paramount's approach to audio quality, especially considering the company's history of similar decisions, as noted with their handling of "Jack Ryan: Season One" Blu-ray and UHD releases. While the downgrade from a 7.1 to a 5.1 track might not significantly impair the film's overall auditory experience, it certainly raises questions about the rationale behind such a choice.

    The 5.1 track, despite its apparent downgrade, still manages to deliver a sufficiently immersive experience within its limitations. The soundtrack maintains a level of clarity and spatial awareness that adequately supports the film's comedic and dramatic elements alike. Initial sequences, predominantly dialogue-driven, are complemented by well-integrated ambient sounds, such as subtly placed background music during key scenes, which enhance the viewing experience without overwhelming the primary audio components. This careful balance showcases Paramount’s ability to craft an engaging auditory environment, even within the constraints of a reduced channel setup.

    Though the transition to a 5.1 setup from a 7.1 may suggest a compromised experience, Paramount’s execution reveals a competent handling of the film’s diverse soundscapes. The lack of enveloping dynamics notable in scenes requiring robust auditory immersion, particularly during the raucous party sequences, marks a missed opportunity to fully leverage advanced sound systems. However, the existing 5.1 track succeeds in delivering the film’s narrative and emotional beats with clarity and precision, ensuring the viewer remains engaged through both heightened and subdued moments within the storyline.

    Extra: 66

    The 4K UHD release of "Office Christmas Party" offers a suite of bonus features, although it's worth noting that these are all housed on the accompanying Blu-ray disc rather than on the UHD disc itself. This package strikes a good balance between providing insightful behind-the-scenes content—like making-of featurettes—and more lighthearted fare such as outtakes and deleted scenes. Audio commentary adds further value, offering viewers a deeper dive into the film's creative process. Additionally, this release includes a digital copy code for convenience and is presented with a non-embossed slipcover, rounding out a comprehensive offering for fans and collectors alike.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Audio Commentary: An insightful commentary track with key filmmakers and cast members.
    • Throwing an Office Christmas Party Featurette: A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the movie.
    • Outtakes: A collection of bloopers and humorous mishaps during filming.
    • Deleted Scenes: Additional scenes not included in the final cut of the film.

    Movie: 61

    Paramount's 2016 release of the raunchy holiday comedy, "Office Christmas Party," directed by the duo Will Speck and Josh Gordon, turns up on the 4K UHD scene, sporting a notable upgrade in visual presentation while seeing a downgrade in its audio component. Bearing a strong ensemble cast featuring Jason Bateman, Olivia Munn, T.J. Miller, Jennifer Aniston, Kate McKinnon, and Courtney B. Vance, this adaptation into 2160p/Dolby Vision video offers viewers a markedly enhanced visual experience. However, audiophiles might find the shift from the 2017 Blu-ray's 7.1 lossless soundtrack to a 5.1 lossless soundtrack in this release somewhat disappointing. Furthermore, those looking for extras will need to refer back to the included 2017 Blu-ray, as the UHD version is stripped of such add-ons and includes only the theatrical cut of the film, in contrast to the Blu-ray's offering of both extended and theatrical cuts.

    "Office Christmas Party" pitches itself into the comedic chaos that ensues when Zenotek's Chicago branch, on the brink of shutdown by CEO Carol Vanstone (portrayed by Jennifer Aniston), decides to throw an epic office Christmas party in a last-ditch effort to impress a potential client (Courtney B. Vance) that could save their jobs. This storyline unfolds amidst a tumultuous backdrop of corporate cutbacks and sibling rivalry, as Carol's brother Clay (T.J. Miller) scrambles to prove his worth by pulling off a party that will ultimately define their career destinies. It's here in this desperate bid for redemption that the film finds its heart, amidst the cacophony of holiday debauchery.

    From a pure movie-watching perspective on UHD, "Office Christmas Party" benefits significantly from its visual upgrade, making its vivid and chaotic party scenes pop with greater vibrancy and detail. On the downside, the diminished auditory experience might leave some aspects of its boisterous soundtrack feeling a bit flat. Yet, for enthusiasts willing to overlook this audio compromise, the film's leap to 4K UHD promises an eye-pleasing revisit to this unconventional Christmas tale that mixes crude humor with a touch of holiday spirit.

    Total: 51

    Office Christmas Party," while not breaking any new ground in its genre, delivers a competent foray into the raunchy comedy landscape, buoyed by a zestful cast that navigates through the expected realm of debauchery with ease. The film shines as a testament to the genre's enduring appeal, providing a blend of humor and chaos that, while not entirely original, is sufficiently engaging. However, when it comes to the 4K UHD Blu-ray release, the execution leaves much to be desired. Paramount's release can at best be described as a mixed bag, boasting a commendable video upgrade that enhances the viewing experience yet faltering significantly in other areas that could have elevated the package to a must-have status.

    The technical aspects of the Blu-ray underscore a palpable sense of missed opportunities. The visual presentation on UHD is undeniably improved, offering a sharper and more immersive experience that fans of the film will appreciate. Yet, this solitary highlight is overshadowed by the decision to downgrade the audio quality and omit any form of extras, including the removal of the extended cut—a choice that detracts from the overall value of this edition. The lack of additional content and the choice to not include superior audio options substantially limit the appeal of this release for both newcomers and seasoned fans alike.

    In conclusion, while "Office Christmas Party" maintains its charm and humor in its leap to 4K UHD, Paramount's handling of its release ultimately serves as a cautionary tale. The improvements in video quality are noteworthy, yet they come at a cost—both literal and figurative—that may not justify the upgrade for many. With no significant enhancements in audio or added value through extras or extended versions, this release is difficult to recommend unreservedly. For those seeking only visual fidelity, it might warrant consideration; however, most viewers will find their experience sufficiently served by previous editions or digital streaming alternatives.