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The Lobster Blu-ray Review}

Score: 70

from 2 reviewers

Review Date:

'The Lobster' is a uniquely surreal, humorously bleak take on love; technically strong, highly recommended for fans of the odd.

The Lobster Blu-ray Front Cover

Disc Release Date


Video: 75

The Lobster's Blu-ray release boasts a technically superb 1080p/AVC transfer with interesting color grading reflecting David's angst, displaying impressive detail and depth, despite some intended visual tweaks and mild noise.

Audio: 75

The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix delivers a subtly engaging experience with clean dialogue, ambient effects, and a diverse score, maintaining a deliberately subdued yet immersive soundscape.

Extra: 42

The Fabric of Attraction: Concocting The Lobster (1080p, 23 min, Dolby Digital 2.0) is an insightful EPK exploring the film's unique themes, visual style, and casting through cast & crew interviews, offering a glimpse into its odd yet fascinating narrative.

Movie: 72

The Lobster" blends surreal satire and dark comedy, examining love and society's norms through a bizarre, dystopian lens.


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