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Fast X

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Blu Ray

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  • Fast X reignites franchise with fresh stunts & absurd high-octane action, grounded in family.

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  • Video
  • Fast 9 in 4K shines with unparalleled sharpness and clarity, enhancing everything from facial details to textures, despite Fast X's slightly less intense contrast compared to peers, upholding the franchise's high AV standards.

  • Audio
  • This demo shines with its high-impact setpieces and impeccable sound balance, from intense shootouts to subtle ambient details, despite its less engaging scenes.

  • Extra
  • Universal's 4K release boasts comprehensive extras, including detailed featurettes on the franchise and character dynamics, yet lacks extended cuts. Highlights include an in-depth look at father-son dynamics and the series' evolution in 'Fast X'.

  • Movie
  • In Fast X, the franchise upholds its blockbuster essence with absurd yet thrilling action, balancing high-octane scenes and narrative depth much like Fast Five, and Tyrese Gibson’s common-sense humor amid ever-escalating stunts since the pivotal fifth installment.

    Video: 93

    The video presentation of "Fast X" on 4K UHD Blu-Ray upholds the franchise's illustrious tradition of delivering a top-notch, visually stunning experience. Leveraging the robust foundation established by its predecessors and Universal's broader accomplishments in home entertainment, expectations were naturally set high for this installment. The transition to 2160p resolution from the standard 1080p is immediately noticeable, offering a heightened degree of sharpness and clarity that does justice to the film's dynamic and meticulously crafted visuals. This leap in resolution enhances the overall sense of accuracy and image fulfillment, allowing viewers to appreciate the finer details and textures that were previously obscured or softened by technological limitations.

    Despite its many strengths, "Fast X" does not achieve the peak brightness and contrast intensity found in some competing blockbuster 4K presentations. However, this slight shortfall is more than compensated for by the exceptional detail captured in close-up shots. These shots offer a clear window into the painstaking attention to detail that went into the film’s production, revealing intricate facial features, individual hair strands, and even minute texture variations in materials like metal and clothing. The superior detail extends beyond characters and objects to envelop background elements as well, enriching the film's immersive quality.

    While it may not set new industry standards in terms of contrast and brightness, "Fast X" nonetheless presents a significant visual upgrade that fans of the franchise and cinephiles alike will greatly appreciate. The meticulousness in rendering every frame with enhanced definition ensures that the film’s high-octane action sequences and exotic locations are vividly brought to life. This, coupled with an unparalleled level of detail in close-ups, secures "Fast X"'s position as a demonstration-worthy showcase of what the 4K UHD format can achieve in enhancing cinematic storytelling.

    Audio: 96

    Fast X's audio presentation on the 4K UHD Blu Ray is a thrilling showcase of sonic excellence, tailor-made for enthusiasts seeking to push their home theater systems to the limits. The mix is expertly balanced, ensuring that each set piece - from the most nuanced, ambient sound to the bombastic roar of engines and gunfire - is delivered with pristine clarity and an impressive depth that immerses viewers directly into the heart of the action. Despite a few narrative missteps, such as less engaging scenes that could arguably have been trimmed (the Internet cafe scene being a prime example), these do not significantly detract from the overall auditory experience, which remains a demo-worthy reference for audiophiles and cinephiles alike.

    At the core of this auditory feast is a bass response that can only be described as monstrous, providing a foundation that elevates the excitement and tension of the movie's set pieces to new heights. Whether it's the pulsating thrill of an elevator shootout or the adrenaline-fueled chaos of cars acrobatically leaping through the soundscape, the sound design ensures that every speaker in a surround setup is engaged and active, creating an enveloping atmosphere of sound that places the viewer right in the middle of the action.

    Moreover, the attention to detail in capturing ambient sounds such as footsteps, background conversations, and the hum of computer machinery adds a layer of authenticity and immersion that is often overlooked in high-octane blockbusters. These elements are skillfully woven into the soundscape, emerging prominently from the rear speakers and enhancing the film’s atmospheric depth. Every aspect of Fast X’s audio presentation works in concert to deliver an exhilarating auditory experience that complements its visual spectacle, making it a standout reference for testing and enjoying the capabilities of a top-tier home audio system.

    Extra: 86

    Universal's 4K UHD Blu-ray of "Fast X" impresses with a comprehensive suite of extras, all available on the same disc for convenient access, despite not offering extended versions of the film. The collection, while rich, feels somewhat fragmented, catering more to enthusiasts seeking depth in specific areas rather than a cohesive extended experience. Notable is the exploration of the franchise's evolution and character arcs, particularly the focus on the nuanced father-son dynamics between Little B and John Cena’s character, offering fans a deeper insight into their relationship and development through the storyline. This set effectively enhances the viewing experience by diving into the lore and behind-the-scenes elements that have shaped "Fast X" into a pivotal installment in the franchise.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Little B Takes the Wheel: A detailed exploration of the father-son dynamic between Little B and John Cena’s character, including scene breakdowns.

    • Fast Breaks: An in-depth review of the franchise's evolution, focusing on character development and story arcs within "Fast X".

    Movie: 81

    Fast X" leverages its pedigree as part of a franchise that continues to redefine the boundaries of action cinema, echoing the audacity of installments since "Fast Five" with its array of gravity-defying stunts and a knack for spectacle that's become a series hallmark. The narrative endeavors to intertwine with this high-velocity escapism, drawing on a formula that balances frenetic action sequences with substantive narrative arcs. This blend not only encapsulates the essence of what has made the series enduringly popular but also mirrors efforts seen in comparable franchises like "Mission: Impossible." As the saga unfolds, it retains a distinct flavor of exhilaration, managing to engage by weaving character depth into the vast tapestry of its cinematic thrills.

    Central to "Fast X" is its ability to anchor these outrageous action set pieces within a coherent storyline, ensuring that the adrenaline rush is complemented by moments of genuine character development and narrative progression. Tyrese Gibson's character emerges as a pivotal figure, providing not just comic relief but also a semblance of common sense that grounds the story's more extravagant flights of fancy. His performance underscores a vital element of the franchise's formula: action is paramount, but it's the human element that truly sustains viewer engagement across this lengthy series.

    Moreover, "Fast X" doesn't shy away from elevating its ambitions with each release, consciously striving to outdo its predecessors in both scale and spectacle. This ambition is clearly reflected in its audacious action sequences, which serve as a testament to the franchise's commitment to pushing the envelope of what's possible in action filmmaking. At its core, "Fast X" stands as a continuation of a legacy that marries the thrill of high-speed chases with a narrative that, despite occasionally straining credibility, never fails to entertain and captivate its audience.

    Total: 86

    Fast X, the latest installment in the long-standing franchise, delivers a high-octane mix of outlandishly thrilling action sequences and vehicular warfare that arguably positions it alongside its predecessors in terms of sheer entertainment value. Despite venturing into what might be considered superfluous sequel territory, the film distinguishes itself with a fresh array of innovative car stunts and a palpable sense of novelty. This installment stands out not just for its relentless pace and the staple blend of action, thrills, and comedy, but also for embracing peak absurdity—largely thanks to Jason Momoa's commanding presence.

    The film manages to strike a fine balance between ridiculous action scenes and a grounded narrative centered around the theme of family. The addition of Momoa adds a new dimension to the ensemble, setting a tone that allows Fast X to veer into uncharted territories of extravagance while still maintaining its core essence. This blend of diesel-fueled clashes, notably absent the Diesel/Johnson dynamic this time, nevertheless compensates with a plot that, while familiar, brings enough innovations to the table to keep audiences engaged and entertained.

    In conclusion, Fast X delivers on its promise of providing an adrenaline-pumping cinematic experience that’s both extravagantly action-packed and surprisingly coherent. By weaving together innovative stunts with a storyline that revolves around familial bonds, the film secures its place within the franchise without feeling redundant. Its ability to mix the absurd with the action, anchored by a memorable performance from Jason Momoa, ensures that Fast X isn't just another sequel but a worthy continuation of a beloved saga.