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A Beautiful Mind

Blu Ray

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  • A Beautiful Mind is a decent film with a solid Blu-ray release, despite its flaws.

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  • Video
  • Universal's 1080p/VC-1 transfer excels in capturing Deakins's stunning cinematography, with vibrant colors and detailed shots, despite occasional softness. However, obvious edge enhancement detracts notably for videophiles.

  • Audio
  • Universal's DTS-HD 5.1 audio for A Beautiful Mind impresses with clear, prioritized dialogue and a balanced soundfield, enhancing the drama without overwhelming with LFE or rear action, yet still marking intense moments effectively.

  • Extra
  • The Blu-ray release of A Beautiful Mind largely mirrors its DVD counterpart, offering vast but standard-definition special features, including informative commentaries and behind-the-scenes footage, despite some minor content omissions and redundancies.

  • Movie
  • A Beautiful Mind, starring Russell Crowe, excels in acting and visuals yet strays far from John Nash's real story, sacrificing authenticity for dramatic effect.

    Video: 53

    Universal's 1080p/VC-1 encoded video presentation of "A Beautiful Mind" on Blu-ray offers a viewing experience that, while not flawless, distinguishes itself commendably within the studio's catalog offerings. Roger Deakins's cinematography shines through, with its technical excellence and artistic flair, becoming a highlight of the film. The transfer captures a wide array of colors, from vibrant midsummer tones to the subdued hues of winter, reflecting protagonist John Nash's spiraling mental state. The video maintains color accuracy, skin tone saturation, as well as depth of blacks and contrast levels with notable finesse. However, detail varies across scenes, with some offering crisp textures and others appearing slightly soft—a result more attributable to the original cinematography and directorial vision than the transfer itself.

    Despite the strengths in color and detail, the transfer is not without its shortcomings. A noticeable amount of edge enhancement is present throughout the film, casting a shadow on what could have been a more pristine presentation. The enhancement leads to conspicuous and sometimes distracting edge halos, detracting from the visual clarity and potentially disturbing viewers, especially those with larger screens or a keen eye for video fidelity. This issue, though not debilitating, does mean that the Blu-ray falls short of achieving a top-tier grade.

    Overall, the Blu-ray video presentation of "A Beautiful Mind" delivers a visually engaging experience that largely honors Roger Deakins's cinematographic artistry. While detail and color rendition are generally strong, the imposition of edge enhancement mars what could have been a superior video transfer. For enthusiasts and fans looking for the utmost in video quality, these issues may slightly temper enthusiasm but do not fully detract from the quality of the viewing experience.

    Audio: 58

    Universal's DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround track sets a high bar for audio presentations, especially when juxtaposed with the current landscape of Blu-Ray releases. This track displays a masterful handling of the sonic elements that form the core of "A Beautiful Mind's" auditory experience. Dialogue is crisp and possesses a warmth that is both inviting and grounding, ensuring that the spoken word is never lost or overshadowed by the film’s more intense auditory moments or by James Horner's evocative score. While the low-frequency effects (LFE) may not redefine expectations, they contribute a nuanced depth to the soundscape that complements without dominating, enhancing the overall listening experience without resorting to overwhelming force.

    Rear channel utilization is discerning and deliberate, offering an immersive ambiance that supports rather than distracts from the film's narrative and emotional beats. The soundstage crafts an environment of elegant subtlety with its nuanced acoustics and directional cues, fostering an engaging atmosphere that mirrors the film’s thematic nuances. This audio presentation excels in its ability to support dramatic tension without resorting to gratuitous sonic overplay, employing an intelligent mix that respects the viewer's engagement and emotional investment.

    Furthermore, key sequences within the film, such as Nash's tenure at the Pentagon, gain an added layer of intensity through a dynamic audio treatment that skillfully balances the internal turmoil and external pressures faced by the protagonist. Horner's score, in particular, is given room to breathe and evolve within the mix, enriching pivotal moments of introspection and conflict alike. The audio treatment accorded to "A Beautiful Mind" on this Blu-Ray not only serves the narrative but elevates it, offering fans an exemplary auditory experience that is as meticulously crafted as it is emotively charged.

    Extra: 58

    The Blu-ray edition of "A Beautiful Mind" packs a comprehensive set of extras, largely mirroring the collection found in the original DVD release, with the notable exception of Oscar-night clips. While it's commendable that nearly all features from the DVD have been ported over, it's disappointing to note that all video content remains in standard definition. Both the director Ron Howard and screenwriter Akiva Goldsman offer engaging audio commentaries that, despite some redundancy, enrich the viewing experience. Other highlights include a variety of behind-the-scenes looks and insightful discussions on aspects ranging from the development of the screenplay to the intricate process of aging the actors with makeup and prosthetics. However, the heavy reliance on film clips in some featurettes slightly detracts from the otherwise detailed exploration of the film's creation.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • Feature Commentaries: With director Ron Howard and screenwriter Akiva Goldsman.
    • Inside A Beautiful Mind: A behind-the-scenes documentary.
    • A Beautiful Partnership: Ron Howard & Brian Grazer: Discussing their collaboration.
    • Meeting John Nash: An interview with John Nash.
    • Development of the Screenplay: Akiva Goldsman explains his writing process.
    • Accepting the Nobel Prize in Economics: Archive footage of Nash's acceptance.
    • Casting Russell Crowe & Jennifer Connelly: A look into casting decisions.
    • The Process of Age Progression: Details on aging Crowe and Connelly for their roles.
    • Creating the Special Effects: Exploration of the film's visual effects.
    • Scoring the Film: James Horner discusses his score.
    • Deleted Scenes: Numerous deleted scenes with optional director commentary.

    Movie: 48

    A Beautiful Mind" attempts the formidable task of portraying the brilliance and turmoil of John Nash, a Nobel Prize-winning mathematician grappling with schizophrenia. The film, directed by Ron Howard and scripted by Akiva Goldsman, ambitiously aims to blend Nash's real-life genius and mental challenges with cinematic storytelling. However, it faces criticism for taking considerable liberties with the facts of Nash's life. This includes inventing visual hallucinations, fabricating Nash's involvement with the Pentagon, and altering significant life events and timelines—choices that diverge sharply from reality. These fabrications raise questions about the film's commitment to authentically representing Nash's experiences, particularly when it omits his true academic contributions and simplifies his personal struggles.

    Despite these departures from reality, "A Beautiful Mind" shines in several respects. The performances, especially by Russell Crowe as Nash and Jennifer Connelly as Alicia Larde, illuminate the profound impacts of mental illness with sensitivity and depth. The film is visually stunning, courtesy of cinematographer Roger Deakins, who employs light and color to enhance the emotional and narrative arcs. James Horner's musical score adds another layer of sophistication, echoing Nash's complex inner world. These elements, along with a first act that adeptly sets up Nash's journey before revealing his schizophrenia, demonstrate the filmmakers' skill in crafting compelling cinema.

    However, as the extent of Nash's condition is unveiled, the narrative stumbles, losing its delicate balance between genius and madness. The film's latter half feels disjointed, glossing over vital periods of Nash's life and succumbing to sentimentality. Consequently, "A Beautiful Mind" emerges as a mixed bag; while it boasts exceptional performances, cinematography, and music, it falls short in fully honoring the true story of John Nash. The film provokes debate over its merit as a biopic and its victory at the Academy Awards, overshadowed by controversies regarding historical accuracy and narrative cohesion.

    Total: 53

    A Beautiful Mind" arrives on Blu-ray in a presentation that, while not without its flaws, offers a significant viewing experience for both newcomers and those familiar with director Ron Howard's Oscar-winning film. While the movie itself has garnered a range of opinions, from those who acclaim its creative achievements to others who yearn for a more accurate portrayal of John Nash's life and struggles with mental illness, its home media release aims to bridge these perspectives. The Blu-ray quality, despite some instances of edge enhancement that might distract the most discerning viewers, provides an above-average video transfer that largely captures the aesthetic nuances of the film. Coupled with a DTS-HD Master Audio track that delivers with clarity and depth, the technical aspects of this release ensure that the film can be experienced with a level of quality that does justice to the performances and narrative.

    In addition to the core viewing experience, the Blu-ray edition of "A Beautiful Mind" enriches its offering with a supplemental package that enhances the overall value of the release. These extras provide insight into the filmmaking process, delving into Howard and Goldsman's approach to adapting Nash's complex life story for the screen. While some may find fault with the liberties taken in this adaptation, the additional content allows for a deeper appreciation of the artistic and narrative decisions that shaped the film.

    In conclusion, "A Beautiful Mind" on Blu-ray presents an opportunity to engage with Howard’s film in a format that enhances its strengths and somewhat mitigates its shortcomings through quality presentation and insightful extras. While it might not sway those seeking a more factual biopic of John Nash, the release certainly offers enough to merit consideration for both first-time viewers and long-time fans. The video and audio quality, despite some minor issues, along with a compelling package of extras, make this edition a worthy addition to any collection or a worthwhile rental for those intrigued by Nash's story and its cinematic representation.