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Kill Bill: Vol. 2

Blu Ray

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  • Kill Bill: Vol. 2 Blu-ray dazzles with quality video/audio, deep characters, highest recommendation.

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  • Video
  • Kill Bill: Vol. 2's Blu-ray edition, with its 2.40:1 aspect ratio and AVC Mpeg-4 codec, impresses with stunning visuals, including black & white and gritty color cinematography, handled flawlessly to maintain a natural film-like look, free of artifacts and with remarkable detail.

  • Audio
  • Both 'Kill Bill: Vol. 2' soundtracks offer superb audio experiences, balancing quiet dialogue with action-packed scenes, featuring flawless PCM or Dolby Digital options.

  • Extra
  • The Kill Bill: Vol. 2 extras are underwhelming, with a making-of doc, a fun but non-essential deleted scene, and a unique musical performance from the premiere.

  • Movie
  • Kill Bill evolves from action-packed Vol. 1 to a deep, dialog-rich Vol. 2, where Tarantino's talent shines, offering a layered story of revenge and redemption.

    Video: 72

    Disney / Miramax's Blu-ray presentation of "Kill Bill: Volume 2" mirrors the excellent quality seen in the release of its predecessor, maintaining an authentic cinematic experience in the comfort of one's home. The film, benefiting from the use of the AVC MPEG-4 compression codec, is presented in its original theatrical aspect ratio of 2.40:1, ensuring that the unique visual palette and directorial finesse are preserved immaculately. Cinematographer Robert Richardson's diverse film stocks and techniques shine through in a high bitrate encode, presenting an array of atmospheres from the strikingly contrasted black and white sequences to the vivid and gritty colored scenes. The transfer’s handling of film grain enhances the movie's textured appearance, closely mimicking the look and feel of its theatrical projection.

    The Blu-ray excels in depicting the varied aesthetics of "Kill Bill: Volume 2," especially in its rendition of black and white sequences which feature deep blacks and intricate shadow details. The color sequences equally impress, with bold, leaping colors and natural desert hues presented smoothly without the distraction of picture artifacts like edge enhancement or noise reduction errors noticeable on previous DVD releases. The disc showcases remarkable clarity, with even the minutest details in fabric and skin textures captured with precision. The intentional graininess and stylistic decisions, such as the deliberately washed-out look of the Pai Mei training scenes, contribute to the film’s intentional homage to vintage cinema, without detracting from the overall high-definition experience.

    Notwithstanding minor issues with shadow details in certain scenes due to high contrast photography, the disc overall presents an outstanding sharpness and detail. The few instances of smearing or overly grainy footage are largely attributable to stylistic choices rather than transfer flaws, ensuring that "Kill Bill: Volume 2" on Blu-ray stands out as a reference-grade transfer. This release is a testament to Disney's commitment to quality, embodying a visual experience that both honors and elevates Tarantino's visionary work, making it a must-own for aficionados of film.

    Audio: 77

    The audio presentation of "Kill Bill: Vol. 2" on Blu Ray is delivered with an uncompressed PCM 5.1 soundtrack that expertly navigates the fine line between the subdued and the dynamic, providing an audio experience that is both rich in detail and meticulously balanced. Unlike its predecessor, which leaned heavily on its action-packed sequences, "Vol. 2" takes a more nuanced approach to its sound design. This subtlety does not detract from the audio quality; rather, it draws attention to the impeccably clear dialogue and atmospheric soundstage, showcasing a wide range of sounds that beautifully accompany the film’s diverse scenes. From the serene to the intense, each moment is captured with clarity, bringing a depth of emotion and tension to the narrative.

    In action sequences, such as the gripping confrontation between The Bride and Ellie Driver, the soundtrack comes alive with a vivid display of surround sound activity. The sounds of bodies colliding and wood splintering envelop the viewer, creating an immersive experience that stands in sharp contrast to the film's quieter moments. These sequences highlight the soundtrack's capability to effortlessly shift from subdued dialogue to explosive action without losing any of its impact or clarity.

    Moreover, the audio presentation shines in its attention to detail with language treatment. The majority of the film is in English, with critical scenes in Cantonese seamlessly incorporated through insightful subtitle placement within the movie’s image area, ensuring an unobstructed viewing experience on any screen format. Whether it’s the standard Dolby Digital 5.1 or the superior uncompressed PCM 5.1 option, "Kill Bill: Vol. 2" maintains an exceptional audio balance throughout, masterfully transitioning between its calm and intense scenes while preserving every nuance of the compelling soundtrack and sound effects.

    Extra: 44

    The extra content for "Kill Bill: Vol. 2" on Blu-ray is indeed sparse, echoing the limited array of supplements found on the Volume 1 release, yet it carries a certain charm for the devoted fans. Among these bonuses, the most noteworthy is a documentary diving into the creation process of this sequel, featuring insights from Quentin Tarantino and his cast that, despite its familiar EPK format, enriches the understanding of the film’s production, character development, and the intricacies of its most memorable scenes. Additionally, the inclusion of the "Damoe Deleted Scene" presents a whimsical yet ultimately non-essential glimpse into what could have been, and the "Chingon Musical Performance" offers an entertaining if somewhat unrelated diversion. It’s a modest collection that, while not groundbreaking, provides a behind-the-scenes look that enthusiasts will appreciate.

    Extras included in this disc:

    • The Making of Kill Bill Vol. 2: Documentary featuring interviews with Tarantino and the cast, exploring different aspects of the film’s production.
    • Damoe Deleted Scene: A cut flashback sequence showing a duel between Bill and an arrogant samurai.
    • Chingon Musical Performance: Footage from the premiere party's live performance by Robert Rodriguez and his band.

    Movie: 74

    Quentin Tarantino’s decision to bifurcate "Kill Bill" into two volumes has proven itself not merely a stroke of logistical necessity but a brilliant artistic choice, allowing "Kill Bill: Vol. 2" to differentiate and complement its predecessor profoundly. Whereas Volume 1 dazzled audiences with relentless action and a brisk pace, Volume 2 delves into the more substantive essence of narrative and character exploration. It embarks from the cliffhanger of "Vol. 1," weaving through the intricacies of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad’s remaining members, primarily focusing on The Bride's (Uma Thurman) daunting past and the complexities of her motivations. The introduction to iconic characters such as Bill (David Carradine), Budd (Michael Madsen), and Ellie Driver (Daryl Hannah), alongside the journey into The Bride’s martial arts training with Pai Mei (Gordon Liu), enriches the saga’s mosaic with layers of depth, emotional texture, and a philosophical undertone that set this installment apart.

    The film’s pronounced shift from the action-centric narrative to a dialogue-driven exploration of vengeance, honor, and redemption paints "Kill Bill: Vol. 2" as a unique cinematic experience — decidedly more Tarantino-esque in its approach. This volume thrives on character interactions and moral dilemmas, blending elements of western genre aesthetics, notably in its desert sequences, with traditional martial arts film homage. The dynamic between The Bride and her adversaries – culminating in powerful confrontations and revelations – showcases not just physical battles but emotional and existential strife, enriched by superior performances, especially from Carradine, Madsen, and Hannah. Tarantino’s non-linear storytelling continues to captivate, serving both as an effective narrative technique and as a homage to film styles that have influenced him.

    "Kill Bill: Vol. 2," though arguably slower and more contemplative than its predecessor, stands as an essential counterpart within the Kill Bill saga. Its departure from the first volume’s relentless pace to favor character depth and narrative complexity does not detract but rather enriches the overarching story Tarantino endeavors to tell. The film’s closer exploration of The Bride's quest for vengeance against the backdrop of her troubled past and the moral ambiguities it surfaces is both compelling and thought-provoking. Tarantino’s ability to toggle between genres while maintaining a cohesive stylistic and thematic narrative is on full display here, marking "Kill Bill: Vol. 2" as not only a fitting conclusion to an epic tale but also a testament to Tarantino’s storytelling prowess.

    Total: 72

    In the realm of Quentin Tarantino's magnus opus, "Kill Bill: Volume 2" stands as a critical piece that diverges distinctly in tone and pace from its predecessor, establishing its own identity within the saga. This Blu-ray release, meticulously crafted by Disney, showcases the film's rich narrative and intricate character development through an unbeatable visual and auditory experience. The transition from the frenetic melee of Volume 1 to the more deliberate storytelling of Volume 2 is captured impeccably, thanks to a reference quality video transfer that brings the nuanced visuals to life with startling clarity. The audio presentation complements this with a dynamic range that envelops the viewer, enhancing both the dialogue-driven and action-packed moments of the film.

    Critically analyzing the technical aspects, this Blu-ray edition does suffer from a notable deficiency in its range of supplemental features, which might detract for those enthusiasts eager for behind-the-scenes content. However, even with this shortfall, the disc stands out for its significant upgrade over previous DVD releases, displaying a vast improvement in both video and audio quality that will likely satisfy both new viewers and seasoned fans of the saga. Indeed, for those awaiting the elusive "Whole Bloody Affair", this release presents itself as a compelling substitute that shouldn't be overlooked.

    In conclusion, "Kill Bill: Volume 2" on Blu-ray not only delivers a visually and acoustically enriching home cinema experience but also reaffirms Tarantino's prowess in character and story development. Despite the absence of extensive extras, the superior quality of the picture and sound makes this release highly commendable. For aficionados of Tarantino's work or for those seeking to complete their Kill Bill collection in the highest fidelity possible, this edition comes with a strong endorsement.