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Director: Dan Trachtenberg

Actors: Amber Midthunder, Dakota Beavers, Dane DiLiegro


In the early 18th century, within the Comanche Nation, a young and skilled hunter named Naru lives with her tribe, deeply yearning to prove her worth as a warrior. Despite her brother Taabe's protective instincts and the tribe's traditional gender roles that prevent her from joining the hunt, Naru is determined to demonstrate her abilities. Her chance comes when she witnesses what she believes to be a sign foretelling a great hunt. Eager to validate herself, she sets out to track and take down an elusive prey that lurks in the nearby forest. Naru relies on her wit, her connection to nature, and her fierce tenacity, honing her skills as both a tracker and a combatant.

Naru's pursuit of the mysterious predator throws her into a world of danger and brutality unlike anything she or her tribe has encountered before. As her hunt escalates, Naru uncovers strange devices and witnesses formidable abilities that suggest her prey is not of this world. With the safety of her tribe at risk, Naru must confront the otherworldly threat. Facing insurmountable odds, Naru's resilience and bravery are put to the ultimate test in an epic showdown that aims to protect her people from the lethal and invasive adversary that threatens their very existence. Her journey becomes a transformative one, not just in her own life, but for her tribe and the future of her people.


Writers: Patrick Aison, Dan Trachtenberg, Jim Thomas

Release Date: 05 Aug 2022

Runtime: 100 min

Rating: R

Country: United States

Language: English, North American Indian, French


Prey 4K UHD Blu-ray Front Cover

Score: 83


4K UHD Blu Ray

Prey revitalizes the franchise with a fresh approach and superior 4K quality, highly recommended for both fans and newcomers.

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