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Director: Neill Blomkamp

Actors: Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Sharlto Copley


In the year 2154, Earth has become a polluted, overpopulated slum where the poor and the sick struggle to survive. The wealthy elite dwell on Elysium, a pristine man-made space station equipped with advanced medical technology that can heal any ailment, where they lead lives of luxury and are governed by Secretary Delacourt. Max Da Costa, an orphan from the slums, works in a factory on Earth and dreams of a better life on Elysium. After an accident at work exposes him to a lethal dose of radiation, Max is given only days to live. In desperation, he turns to a notorious criminal named Spider for help.

Spider offers Max a way to get to Elysium, but in return, Max must undertake a dangerous mission that involves stealing important data from the brain of a high-ranking corporate official, John Carlyle. The heist, however, goes awry, making Max a target not only for Elysium's security forces but also for Delacourt, who will stop at nothing to protect the interests of her utopian society. Max is equipped with a powerful exoskeleton that enhances his strength and connects directly to his brain, setting him on a violent collision course with Delacourt's vicious agent Kruger, whose mandate is to prevent any breach of Elysium's idyllic existence, no matter the cost.


Writers: Neill Blomkamp

Release Date: 09 Aug 2013

Runtime: 109 min

Rating: R

Country: United States, Canada

Language: English, Spanish, French, Afrikaans


Elysium Blu-ray Front Cover

Score: 78


Blu Ray

Elysium, blending social commentary with sci-fi action, has mixed reviews but merits viewing for its high-quality production.

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Elysium 4K UHD Blu-ray Front Cover

Score: 90


4K UHD Blu Ray

Elysium shines on 4K UHD with intense action, dazzling effects, and is a must-have for fans.

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