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The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight Poster

Director: Christopher Nolan

Actors: Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart


In Gotham City, organized crime is rampant, and the presence of a new, formidable criminal mastermind known only as the Joker creates a deep sense of fear and anarchy. The Joker's unpredictable sadism makes him a unique threat, one that forces the local police department to turn to their enigmatic vigilante ally, Batman. Batman, the alter ego of billionaire Bruce Wayne, is determined to quell the chaos unleashed by the Joker. With the aid of his trusted butler Alfred, and the technical genius Lucius Fox, Batman enhances his arsenal and sets out to dismantle the criminal enterprises that plague the city.

On the quest for justice, Batman finds himself aligned with Gotham's dedicated District Attorney, Harvey Dent. Dent's pristine reputation and fierce dedication to the law make him a beacon of hope for the city and the embodiment of the white knight that Gotham desperately needs. As a strategic partnership forms between Batman, Dent, and Police Commissioner Gordon, they make strides in bringing down Mob bosses and restoring a semblance of order. However, the Joker's anarchic activities spiral out of control, leading to a direct and personal confrontation with Batman. The Joker's twisted games and deceptions not only challenge Batman's physical abilities but also test his ethical codes and his very will to fight the deep-seated corruption that afflicts Gotham.


Writers: Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan, David S. Goyer

Release Date: 18 Jul 2008

Runtime: 152 min

Rating: PG-13

Country: United States, United Kingdom

Language: English, Mandarin


The Dark Knight Blu-ray Front Cover

Score: 78

The Dark Knight

Blu Ray

High-end home theater setup meets thought-provoking analysis and high praise for 'The Dark Knight' Blu-ray.

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The Dark Knight 4K UHD Blu-ray Front Cover

Score: 89

The Dark Knight

4K UHD Blu Ray

The Dark Knight's 4K release wows with stunning visuals & audio, despite its narrative flaws.

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