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John Wick: Chapter 4

John Wick: Chapter 4 Poster

Director: Chad Stahelski

Actors: Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, George Georgiou


After exacting revenge on the international assassins' guild known as the High Table for the death of his beloved dog and the theft of his prized car, the eponymous protagonist finds himself targeted by the world's most ruthless hitmen and women. Now with a hefty bounty on his head, he must navigate through the dangerous underbelly of the criminal world. With few allies left, he seeks to overturn the High Table's iron grip on the assassin community, embarking on a global quest that takes him to the bustling streets of New York, the historic and shadow-filled alleyways of Paris, and beyond. His determination to find freedom from the shackles of his past life as a killer drives him forward against insurmountable odds.

Alliances form and are tested as he confronts old friends and makes new enemies in his fight for survival and quest for redemption. Skilled in close-quarters combat and with an unrelenting will to preserve his dwindling sense of self, the central character delves deeper into the intricate web of lies and deceit that governs the dark world of assassins, where betrayal lurks around every corner. His journey is one of perseverance and self-discovery, as he wields his distinct set of skills to dismantle the powers that seek to keep him in the perpetual cycle of violence that once defined his existence.


Writers: Shay Hatten, Michael Finch, Derek Kolstad

Release Date: 24 Mar 2023

Runtime: 169 min

Rating: R

Country: Germany, United States

Language: English, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, German, Latin, Cantonese, French


John Wick: Chapter 4 4K UHD Blu-ray Front Cover

Score: 90

John Wick: Chapter 4

4K UHD Blu Ray

John Wick: Chapter 4 dazzles with stylish action, top-notch 4K tech, and is a must for series fans.

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