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Director: Tim Burton

Actors: Winona Ryder, Catherine O'Hara, Martin Short


Young Victor Frankenstein is a clever and inventive boy living in the quaint town of New Holland. Passionate about science, he spends his days conducting experiments and dreaming up new creations. His happiest times, though, are spent with his loyal and loving bull terrier, Sparky, who is Victor's best friend and the inspiration for much of his creative endeavors. Their bond is unshakeable, and they are virtually inseparable. Tragedy strikes when Sparky meets an untimely death, leaving Victor heartbroken and desolate. The sorrow of losing his cherished companion prompts Victor to undertake a daring and unconventional experiment.

Driven by his love and longing for Sparky, Victor attempts to defy the natural order. He harnesses the power of a lightning storm to bring his beloved pet back to life through a procedure that echoes the classic tales of resurrection and reanimation. Victor succeeds, but his secret doesn't stay hidden for long. When the reanimated Sparky is revealed, it sends shockwaves throughout New Holland. The townsfolk's initial fear and trepidation soon give way to a dangerous curiosity, leading other children to emulate Victor's experiment. As they set out to reanimate their own deceased pets, unexpected consequences arise, threatening the safety and stability of the entire town. Victor must then face the complexity and ramifications of his scientific triumph, as he grapples with the moral aspects of life, death, and what it truly means to bring something back from the beyond.


Writers: Leonard Ripps, Tim Burton, John August

Release Date: 05 Oct 2012

Runtime: 87 min

Rating: PG

Country: United States, United Kingdom

Language: English


Frankenweenie Blu-ray Front Cover

Score: 71


Blu Ray

Despite mixed feelings on 'Frankenweenie,' its Blu-ray shines in quality and charm.

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